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Otto from Cheyenne Wyoming on his 2nd adoption of Camarattery rats 12.30.2020
And upon arriving at home:

Otto from Cheyenne Wyoming









June 18,2018 


June 13.2018


May 9,2018 via FB






March 19,2018 via FB






January 28,2018 via FB





September 24, 2017 via FB

Hi Amy,

Just was checking in with you. The boys are doing good! They are so silly, everyone​ is so in love with them. On the first night they had me laughing with silly little things they were doing. Tonight when we took them out, they were crawling all over Gabby and I. Their names are Noodles (because Gabby loves noodles) and Banjax (because I'm a book nerd and loved that word). They have been eating very well, they love their veggies, and I think they like their new domain. They really are super precious. I will send you pictures of them when they let me take them :). Have a great night, and thank you for the babies they are perfect! 
Brittainy :)


I've been a rat lover for many years but had not owned any for about 15 years when I got my first two rats as an adult. Obviously the resources for rat health and nutrition were slim back in those days and the most an 11 year old girl could find was whatever the local library and pet stores carried.  I fed them bird and hamster seed mixes like most ignorant rat owners do. Once we got our girls two years ago, I stupidly loaded up on the same items. We started looking up safe fresh foods to feed and I was blown away by the amount of information I found on proper rat diet. I joined rat groups left and right, replaced their seed crap with real food, and we've been reading ever since.

Your website and the information it contains is invaluable. I've tried numerous times to share information regarding natural things to feed to heal a sneezy rat. People laugh. Tried to recommend things you can feed as part of a balanced diet but also as proactive ingredients to help avoid rats getting sick in the first place. People laugh. It blows my mind. However, considering we live in a country where only chemo cures cancer, antibiotics are always the answer, and our mental health and physical environments have no impact on our physical health..... it really doesn't surprise me.

I just wanted to thank you for the things you post on your website. Personally, apple cider vinegar has saved numerous lives in our house. Comforted sick children, cured dying cats when antibiotics failed time after time, and keeps our rats in great health.  Everyone thinks it's a gimmick. If they only knew from personal experience.

Your information tells me you care about not just your rats environment but also about their long term physical health. I've seen people post time and time again about rats with URIs that antibiotics have not worked to heal. Their pets slowly fade away over long agonizing months filled with misery, for the rat and the owner. Yet they shun any thought of even an attempt at a natural approach. I do not discount antibiotics however they are never my first thought at this point in my life; though when needed they are a wonderful contribution to society. I just wish more people thought logically and kept an open mind. Anyway, I've been looking at your page for a few years now and just wanted to thank you for the information you put out. I saw your available babies for the first time today on Facebook - they are beautiful. And it makes me smile to know their lives begin with someone who truly cares about them, as individual animals and as a species. So, thanks, and great work. I know our 13 rat girls have appreciated it too!


Diamond F


This is totally off the subject, Amy but I had a friend visit today who is unfamiliar with well-bred ratties. She knew my previous rat, who was a humane society/feeder rat. But she'd never seen ones like the 3 that I got from you. She was absolutely charmed by your little boys and loved their colors, their ears and silky fur. She held the little cinnamon white side on her lap and kept saying, "oh... oh..." She actually got tears in her eyes because she thought they were so cute. Very fun to introduce her to the world of really nice rats. Thank you for making that possible for me. They are doing great!

DK Hoffman

Via a Facebook Post


Hi Amy,


I returned home from my trip last night and I was so pleased to meet the girls!  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Buttered Noodles – she has an amazing temperament and the little ones seem to be so much more at ease with her here.  They are settling in well and tomorrow is our milestone for being able to take them out and handle them.  Each time we open the door, all three are so quick to greet us and we’ve been getting all kinds of kisses and licks. 


I’ve adopted many rats over the years but there’s a remarkable difference between these ladies and the ones we’ve had previously.  They are so calm, loving and confident which is very different than the timid, frightened babies we’ve adopted in the past.  Clearly you take such good care of them, they have the luxury of never knowing what it’s like to be treated badly.  And their coats are gorgeous! 


We’ve named all three – Buttered Noodles is now Gloria (because she’s so Glorious); the hairless is Charlotte (Char for short) and the black and white is Josephine (JoJo for short).  I adore Char and JoJo but I fell head over heels in love with Gloria the minute she greeted me – she’s so beautiful and healthy.  Please allow me to pay you for her or at least let me donate some supplies for your other babies.  I know you must go through a lot of Aspen shavings or other items.  Also, I have a MASSIVE stash of fleece material and would be happy to send a bunch to you if you make your own hammocks or other items?  Fabric can be expensive and I seriously have waaaay too much around here so just let me know and I can box some bright, soft ones and send your way.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us to care for these beautiful girls.  We’ll never look anywhere else for rats again!




Hi Amy,
I wanted to give you a quick update on the girls that we adopted on Wednesday night from the Atlantis and Catch The Wind liter. 
They are doing great and getting more comfortable with us each day! They are very busy still, but friendly and curious about us. I've never been told to wait 2 days before handling my babies and I really think it's made a huge difference with them adjusting to a new home and to us, so thank you very much for making sure your adopters follow that! 
We have a liter box in the cage and I think we are making some progress, which even included some pee on a "pee rock", so I'm hopeful and excited that they will be fully trained in no time! 
I'll keep you posted! Have a great rest of your weekend! :)
Christi K.


Just wanted to let you know the three boys are doing great! We got them out and held them a few times today. Tonight they fell asleep on us for a few minutes. We don't have names for them yet as we are still trying to decide. They seem really happy with their cage as well. I am going this weekend to get the herbs to make that herb mix you have on your website. I am also going to make that cooked recipe you have. I have been giving them fresh fruits and veggies daily and cooked pasta along with their dry food. Here are some pictures.







I just wanted to send you a note to say your two little females, now named Luna and Loca, are a complete delight. They enjoy riding in our pockets, our sleeves or on our shoulders. They are as sweet and healthy as can be. They are good little eaters and playful. And it seems they have adapted to life at our house seamlessly. We just love them. Thanks again for taking such care with them.

Erica T


Hi Amy! 
Thanks again for these precious little girls! Sorry if I got a bit chatty in a weird way I was just so excited!

They are adapting really quickly! They were ravenous when we got home, and quickly demolished the bok choy I offered them. There has been much wall climbing and sisterly tussling. They are already very good with the litter box, so you must have taught them well!

The best part... is every time I stick my hands in I am met with a million baby kisses! X-D

Leanne H.



Hi Amy,

I wanted to thank you again for posting your grain based diet on your web site.  I have seen a HUGE improvement.  I adopted my rat, Pepper, from the Humane Society and his coat was really rough and quite dull. Since he is my fist rat, I assumed that was normal for a poorly bred rat (he came from a pet store before being relinquished to the Humane Society).


But he’s been on your diet since October and the difference in his coat is astonishing.  It is smooth, soft and very glossy.  He looks wonderful.  I am so grateful. I don’t know how to thank you enough.  When I fell head over heels in love with him at the Humane Society, it became my goal to make his life happier and healthier.  I’m glad that at least half of that goal has been accomplished.


I’ll be contacting you again in a few weeks when your hooded down unders are available.  I hope, at that time, to be considered as a potential adopter.  I would really like to get two little brothers for Pepper.  I hate seeing him alone.


Thanks again and much happiness to you and your ratties,


Dawn H.


This little girl takes everything in stride. Didn't take her long to start running with the rat pack!

Deb M.



I just wanted to send a big thank you to you guys, my boyfriend and I purchased three rats today all with the help of your website. We've been doing our homework on rats for about two weeks before we decided to go ahead with the adoption process, and we are very excited to bring these little guys into our home as part of our family.

We even bought a cage that you recommended. We are from York, PA which is about 45 minutes away from Lancaster, PA where Martin's Cages are made. So we bought one of his.

Your website helped us so much with our decision making process, often times we would look at other sites and end up going back to yours to reference.

Just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job. I will recommend you to anybody who is considering adopting these animals.

Thank you again,

Rachel and Tyler

Hello Amy,
That baby girls are doing great! They are eating and drinking well. They are active and now getting used to be handled by all of us here.

Thank you again. They are a lovely addition to our family.


I adopted my 2 girls from you roughly 5 months ago, and they've never been better. I let them run all around my room every night for at least half an hour (they're currently running right now) and they are in heaven! They're the sweetest little things, and are constantly giving me kisses. They've really taken to vegging out in the pocket of my hoodie as well! So adorable! Thank you so much for these wonderful little creatures! Here's a picture of them hanging out together in their hammock (top is Ricky, the Rex, and the bottom is Rosie) and a pic I snapped of Ricky running around a couple days ago!


Hello, this is Katie! Not sure if you remember me but I adopted 2 rats from your Romeo Delight x Light Up the Sky's litter.

Just wanted to let you know that Charles & Avogadro are doing really well! Charles is so adventurous; he loves to explore & get into mischief ;) I don't think little Avo can see very well (he's always swaying his head back & forth, doesn't explore that much, & usually won't jump unless Charles does it first).‎ He's such a lovable rat, though! He's always so happy to see me & loves to just hang out :)

Attached are some cute pics I snapped of them the other day while they were sleeping‎.

Just wanted to update you & thank you so much for letting me adopt rats from you! They are by far the best pets I've ever had, I love them soooo much!!

July 25, 2015

Hi Amy,

We have had our three girls four months yesterday. Time is flying. We wanted you to know they are doing great! They all come to their name among other little tricks we have taught them. They love play time, napping in their pirate ship, and destroying everything the moment it is organized and clean.
Thank you for the care you put into breeding, it shows in their amazing personalities, we are so happy they are apart of our family.

Shelby and Sarah.

June 3, 2015
Nyx, Pip and Star

We adopted our rats from you about two months ago, and our three month old babies are magnificent!  Both are happy and healthy with all of the hammocks make them, and their personalities are popping out. Cody is fast, smart, clever, and tries to outsmart us to get a treat (it usually doesn't work) and we have trained him to jump over a rat-sized hurdle. He is super soft and LOVES water, and is very interested in it. He climbs into our laps for cuddles sometimes, but prefers to chase our hands or wrestle with Dodger or our hands. Dodger is a little calmer, and definitely loves cuddles. He is always at the door begging to come out and go shirt-diving! He is not quite as smart as Cody, but is more dopey and cute. We did manage to teach him to stand, though. He stays away from water when we put it in a little dish for Cody to explore, but does like the seashells that we put in there. We are trying to get some pictures, but the little fuzzlets are sometimes too fast. We'll attach some photos of them lounging in their home made hammocks sometime soon! Just thought we'd give you an update on our boys.


    Thanks for your wonderful little critters,

    Julia and family.



Just wanted to let you know how well the two girls are doing. I named the hooded girl Squeak, and the blue Irish girl Pip. Squeak is definitely more adventurous and outgoing, while Pip seems more reserved and shy. They are eating like little piggies - they love the cooked mash and fresh veggies, and appear to be getting more comfortable each day. In fact they are running around the cage and eating and playing as I write this, which is a first, as I know the past few days they've been active at night only. I took them out for the first time last night for a short bit and both cuddled comfortably in my lap. Thank you for having such precious critters!



Good evening Amy,

It was nice seeing you the other night! Zade (the baby) and Jazzy are getting along great just like they were meant to be best buds!

The first night there was some squeaking and interesting noises, so I turned on the light and it turned out they were both huddled together close just like family.

I've seen them both cuddling in the igloo and eating together.

Zade, the baby, seems to instigate all of the fights and he will play with Jazzy and jump up in his face or on top of his head but Jazzy just kind of ignores it for the most part because he is so much bigger.

It seems like Jazzy is accepting the little one very well in his cage and they are cuddling and bonding so I think everything's perfect.

I know Zade has found all of the water and food and all of the toys and I see him using the wheel and sleeping in the hammock.

so he's made himself right at home and he is so fluffy and soft it's amazing! I love rittens :-) 

Thank you Amy!


Hi Amy -
Just wanted to let you know that the rats are doing great!  They seem to be settling in very well.  We had 

them out of the cage a little bit today and they were super sweet and curious.  We already love them.  

Thanks so much.  :)

Kathy K.








Hi Amy,

Here is a cute picture of Endless I thought you might like. I love how rats curl up when they sleep. She and Taitt are buddies. Endless has claimed the coconut as hers. She doesn't let anyone else use it. She likes to chase the others during playtime.

The mice are doing well, too. They're funny. I started out using paper bedding, but I had some aspen as well. So, I used that one to see which they seem to like better. They just slept all day in the paper bedding, but they've been awake and playing all day in the aspen. Their personalities are showing. Raxacoricofallapatorius, the blazed, is hyper. She would rather play than be held. Serenity, the long hair, is shy, but loves running on the flying saucer. I just noticed today that her fur is long enough now that it's beginning to part down the middle. Moss Garden, the black tan fuzzy, likes to hide, but sometimes she runs on the flying saucer with Serenity. 

Riese D.

Hey, just wanted to let you know again that the little man is so wonderful! We named him Goose,  and he is just a total lover. He still has one more week of quarantine,  but I am very hopeful that he will get along well with my boy Nacho at that point. We unfortunately had to make the hard choice to put our boy Leo to sleep due to a pituitary Nacho has been lonely the last few days. I look forward to starting the intro process with Nacho and Goose next week. 


Megan Kelmer

This is the blissful nature after one year of love :).  Next month we'll have had our Camarattery  rats for a year.


Paige Wild

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that the rats are doing well and enjoying their new home.  the Variegated Female we (my 5 year old son) named "Apple" and the capped/blaze Female we (my 7 year old son) named Margo Crumbcake.    :).    They are very sweet rats and we are enjoying their company.

The rats are doing great! We held them for the first time yesterday and they immediately crawled up to our shoulders and hung out up there for a while. They discovered the hammocks today and they love them! They love the wheel, too.

Here's some pictures:

Edie Hughes

Hi, Amy,


I’m still here – and the girls are perfect in every way J  - sorry I’ve been terrible about communicating. I do see the Facebook posts more than anything else though.

Karl Fasick

Amy, Violet will be 3 at the beginning of September! She has lived the longest of any of my rats. She is definitely old--she's lost most of her fur, and she has slowed down a lot, but she is a sweet and adorable little fighter! 

Jane Raese

Hi Amy,

All is very well and the babies are doing great! They have really settled into their new home and have found everything well. They'll usually be found hiding out in their igloo, in the hammock, or running on the wheel and are so much fun to watch and interact with. 

I'm still not 100% sure they are using only the litter box but I have put their dropping in there to teach them. Next time I clean out the cage I'm going to put the boxes above the level of the bedding, otherwise if I level the bedding with the edge of the litter box they get all of it mixed together. 

They were still a little bit skiddish when I went to get them out of the cage earlier today and running away but I grabbed them out of there pretty quick and cuddled with them each for a good amount of time this afternoon (and had to wash my hands a couple times because they marked their territory on me!). They are both very smart and social and soft and cuddly and fun!

Jaziel (Jazzy) is very calm and cuddly and adventurous (he made it from my outstretched hand to my shoulder today) and Sanctus likes to lick my hands and of the two is more vocal - he squeaks when he's startled and bruxes when he's content. They are both just so sweet and lovable. They do most of their playing at night when I'm asleep and I'm always surprised at the new re-organizing they do with their bedding and pieces of wooden bird toys! 

Overall, they are happy and I am very happy that they are settled in and comfy and it's all thanks to your excellent advice about everything. I'm excited to watch them grow into adults and the many hours of cuddling and play-time ahead! I will definitely be posting photos in the contests from now on! Both of them are going to learn to "play" piano! 

Thank you so much, 

Marcus Wiesner

They are happy, healthy and loved :).

Paige Wild

Hi Amy,
The two rats we adopted from you on Monday (Momo & Chihiro) are doing well! They are healthy and happy and very sweet, sociable little critters.
You've bred a couple of very fine rats!

Julia Wood.

This is Jessica Powers, my husband Gary and I adopted two sweet female ratties from you about a year and a half ago (a little less). I'm not on facebook anymore, so I thought you'd appreciate these pics I took of Gali and Star, our two rat daughters :) As you can tell, they are very loved. Have a great day!

Jess Powers

Just letting you know the girls are doing great. Here are Whisper and Meadow.

Eric Ewers

Hi Amy!

Just a quick hello to say that Sneakers and Pickle are doing wonderfully at their 5 month mark. They're really hysterical and happy! Pickle is the slow and steady boy and Sneakers is a monkey - trying everything he can to bend rules and play. We adore them! We are following your recipes and food guidance and they are thriving :-)

Thank you again for everything,
Lisa and family



Hi Amy,

The boys are starting to settle in, Jump was bruxing this morning and the babies are super kissie. They haven't quite gotten the hang of the hammock yet but once they do I'm sure I will be hard pressed to get them out of it. I'm still debating names, I may go with a pirate theme. :)

They've been getting along really well, I think Jump is a huge source of comfort and leadership for the little ones, this is their cuddle spot for now.



I just wanted to say, I have spent a lot of time going over your website. Reading everything you've posted, and I have to say that I admire you.

I admire the fact you care about your rats, their health, and their linage. You are an amazing human being, and I am SO glad I came to you!!
Also, your new litter is quite adorable :) I just happened to see them when I was going through your litters, and reading about your colony and rats within.


Hey, Amy!
      I adopted two little boys from you about a month or more ago. I wanted to tell you that they've settled into their new 3 level house just fine! They're growing fast! They are both about the length of my forearm now, and they love to be cuddled ! Moose (the darker haired one) is the adventurous one and quite hard to catch a picture of, while Chompy is the cuddler! Here are some pictures for you :)
I hope you are doing well,



Hey Amy! I just wanted to give you an update on the two girls I got on April 4th from Static and Sweet Sunshine’s litter. I named the two girls Vex and Rue. Vex (American Blue Black Variberk ) is obsessed with anything shiny and I find stashed of metal and jewelry in the cage almost every night after they explore my room. Rue (Black Variberk ) is very sweet and copies her sister. Everyone absolutely adores my girls; they still love to give kisses, but Vex thinks she is a dentist and tries to open and look inside everyone’s mouth! I attached some pictures as well.

Hope you’re doing well!
Natalie B. 5-1-2013

Facebook testimonial from 4-23-2013










 Hi Amy!  I thought you may like to hear that the little boys have been accepted by my older male, and are having a grand time.  They are both healthy, happy, adorable, inquisitive, and intelligent little men.  :)  Don't let that "breeder" get you down, you have fantastic lines and beautiful babes!  

Thanks Again




  I just wanted to let you know that a rat I adopted from you has died of old age today. Your name for him was "Hold On",  and he was a black hooded dwarf born in 2010.  He was just over three years old and never had a sniffle in his life. Neither he, nor my other two dwarfs from you (16 months old now) caught the severe respiratory infection that devastated my other boys in November, killing most of of my standard sized rats. Good genes, I guess. Thanks for breeding such a wonderful healthy friend for me.I look forward to adopting from you again in the future.


Karen Johnson


Hey Amy!

I bought two girls out of Cama Lee X Cama Beat on the Brat from you about a month ago and they are doing wonderfully! I named the blazed rex Yoshi and the other Mika (pronounced meeka). I dont have as many pictures of Mika because she is less social. I taught them both how to spin already! They're pretty smart. Yoshi is just the best, she runs and jumps during playtime and just goes crazy. Yoshi (the rex) seems to be losing hair around her butt/lower body and back, it's not bald yet, but it's noticeable. I'm pretty sure it's just a rex thing, but I was just gonna check with you and see what you thought. I hope to adopt more rats in the future, and hopefully from you as long as you stay in business! Oh and good luck with that stalker lady, what a weirdo.
--Jessica Alberty (the girl that came with her mom lol)


Hi Amy,

I'm Kalie, not sure if you remember me.  I came down with my daughter to pick up the female Burmese Irish Rex from the Sexy Sadie and Walrus litter.  I thought I'd give you a quick update.......

We named her Peaches and she has adjusted beautifully!  I have to tell you, her temperament is unbelievably sweet.  What a difference between her and my two others, not that they are not sweethearts as well, but she actually lets us love up on her!  She's far more mellow than my others and we are really enjoying that with her.  We love love love her and are so happy to have her!

I'm not sure if this is the kind of update you want, but I figured I'd drop you a note every once in a while and let you know how things are going, if that's ok with you! :)

Thanx again Amy! 


Kalie V



The boys are getting cozy and acclimated! Chino Moreno (berk) is curious and playful while is brother Willi Nelson (irish) is observant and still a bit shy. Wow, they sure do love their raw meat! 

Danielle Cooper

Cama American Idiot X Isbn World


Hi Amy,

Thanks so much for sending those pictures! It was wonderful to meet you last night!

The babies were a little shy about exploring their new digs at first, but by this morning they were zipping up and down between all the levels. Their personalities definitely became apparent very quickly.  We've name them Mishka, Una, and Phoebe.  It is so nice to have little ones in the house again!

Thank you so much for sharing your babies, it is so clear they have been very well cared for and loved. Keep up the fantastic work! 

Joanna Lester 

Cama American Idiot X Isbn World

Hey Amy,
just thought I'd update you on Mepmep and Tippy( Scarecrows girl, and Hotwax's blue girl from last years x mas litters). They are doing great, getting ready to celebrate their birthdays! They are very snuggly and playful. I love them so! Quick question what type of wheel do you recommend? The pictures attached are from 11/02/2012.
Thank you again for being such a great breeder!
Kaitlyn J.

I've been wanting to update you on the 3 ratties we adopted from you this past Spring!!  All three are doing well and are very much loved:
Cama Church on Sunday - we call her Sunday she is our first and only dwarf.  She is 1 year now and we call her our "escape artist" she is a wiggly little thing and feels like she has no bones; very squishy and cuddly!!  Every time we open her cage she'll come running to see if there's any  treats for her and if no treat she'll run down the back of the cage and PLOP onto the floor.  Off she goes dodging the Pitt Bull's feet and she'll find you where you are and come running up to us is if to say "WHEW I've been looking everywhere for you!!"  We adore her!!
Pepper - she is Sunday's baby and is 7 months old.  She looks like her mama's big sister!!  She has a lovely disposition and gets along with everyone. She loves to cuddle and sniff your ears from your shoulder!!  She eats good quality organic foods with her family in her 3 story cage :>) She is the favorite amongst the little girls because she is so calm and sensible.
Shennanigans - We named her "Hawaii" - she is a little over 1 year old and is the hooded adult we adopted from you.  She has been the toughest one of the three to become accustomed to her new home here; we just laugh at her and grab her and cover her with kisses even though she is the "uptight alpha" haha...she just wants to get back to business in her cage. We call her our little scorpion because she curls her tail up and storms around the cage showing her prowess.  she loves to sit on top of the other 2 and lick their heads so now Sunday & Pepper are bald!  We love Hawaii for what she is and she gets a ton of attention and good food   :>)
I thought you might enjoy this update, thank you for breeding such lovely pets for us to love!
Nanci and Julia Quinnear
Rattie lovers in Boulder, CO


The girls are doing fantastic!!! I named my Black Irish Dumbo Nazumi and my daughter named her Myrtle Irish Dumbo Fuzzy. They have started playing with us and love hanging out in our hoodies! We look forward to watching them grow up and learn new tricks! :) 

June Rodgers



Hi Amy!

The rats are doing great and have settled into their new home nicely.  They are both the cutest little social butterflies and are warming up to me quickly! :D The first week has been great so far!

Tyler Shmucker 10/3/2012


Name = Maya
Which rats did you adopt? = mink merle girl from Poundcake x Aftershock and black irish girl from Ramona x Emergency Exit
Any comments you have: = My girls have been home for a week now and they are the most precious things! I named the Mink Merle Delilah and the Irish Mabel. Whenever someone comes into the room they run to the door, the second you pick them up they start licking you like crazy. Mabel is more outgoing, Delilah is shy at first but once you get to know her she is a complete spaz. Thank you so much for the girls, I love them so much!




Hi Amy,

I checked out your site recently, it looks great. I like your new setup. How nice to have a change.

Our girls, Katniss & Jane are as wild & wooly as ever. Sorry about the fuzzy photos, they don't enjoy posing for photos. Our boys love to cuddle and play with them in their playroom (my craft room). They are super happy and healthy. Doing great! Thank you!

Jen Hansen
adopted in 2/12  


I Removed The Pictures Below Because They Were From The OLD Website & There Were Too Many To Move Over

Thank you Amy. I cannot thank you enough for letting him be mine. He was so truly one of the best pets I have ever had. Just got real slow and tired then he had this major seizure and was not right after that. We started our move and half way through he was doing worse so my best friend in GA took him home to care for him so he would not die on the road. He lived one more week then passed. He was such a major blessing in my life. 
He stopped sucking on my hand and went to sucking on my ear lobe when he would snuggle up in the crook of my neck for a nap LOL. He was the best ever and came from the best breeder ever!!!!
Ree Medina
Pharaoh 3 years old

First of all, THANK YOU. 
About a year and a half ago in October I adopted two beautiful little boys from you.
They have been a joy in my life ever since then. They are so healthy, so sturdy and have been sweet as pie since they came home with me.
I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am and how happy I am with their continued good health.

Jessica Harris

Hi Amy,
I haven't been in touch with you for awhile. Alex and Tanner are doing well!

Shelly Brown


Hi Amy, thanks for the info about the Harlan blocks.  I read it on your website just last week & I am now in the process of switching to your grain mixture.  I'm happy to report all four of our ratties are still active and in good health, and sweet as ever. :) They bring the kids & I so much joy.

Amy, we have all been loving our two rat sisters from Revolver & Dizzy Miss Lizzy. We named them Katniss and Jane. They are so healthy and soft and full of curiosity; they don't hold still for a second so it's been hard to snap a good photo.  They are two months old now and seem very happy with us.  

 Thank you!--Jen Hansen

Hi Amy.  I just wanted to let you know that Sophie (American Blue Double Rex) and Gracie (Black Self Double Rex Dumbo) have settled in nicely and are doing great.  Their sweet little personalities are starting to come through and it is so much fun to see them get excited when we walk into the room.  They love to play and cuddle â?? the best of both worlds.  Thank you for letting me adopt them.  I feel so lucky to have these two sweet little ratties to love.

Amanda W.

Hello Amy!

     Just wanted to let you know I took everyone in for a check up today. Martha weighed in at 321g. Shes also been barbering my younger hooded so its kinda funny seeing all black and then her skin. And shes become very spoiled here :) 


 Hey Amy,
just thought I'd let you know how the girls are doing. The girls I adopted from you Hotwax's Blue girl and Scarecrows Blazed girl from the x mas litters, are doing well. They have adjusted to their new home and couldn't be sweeter. They love giving kisses and snuggling.


Your rats are so sweet. My two girls i got from you last year have been the best little girls.  They have the most sweet personalities and are the best of friends, they will look for the other one when I ask them to go find each other when ever I have them out to play.  I just love them to death.
Lily is the Siamese I got from you November on 2010 and Betsy is the Black Self I got in June in 2010. Lily follows Betsy around like a little sister much of the time and Betsy is forever grooming everyone from Lily to me to my boyfriend.

Hi, just thought I would send you some Christmas pics and tell you the ratties are doing well. They got a new monkey hammock that they enjoy. Raja has gotten sooo big. He needs to be picked up with two hands. Bagheera is a thinner, shy guy. He bruxes when I talk to him. I can't believe I have only had them a year. They are very lovely rats, you did well breeding them. :)

Natalie B

ratty... is doing great!

Will take pictures & post on you page here by next week.  She's a pocket hog ... just goes to sleep & gladly wakes up for snacks.  My 18 yr. old son named her Yubaba :) She's really started to change color; very pretty & super sweet little girl.  We love our rescue rat but there's a huge difference between her & the one we got from you (likely no news to you...)

01 - Adopter Name: = Vanessa
02 - Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = black roan and black irish babies; 1/2/2012
03 - Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = We picked up our two little boys this evening and they are doing great! Started giving little rattie kisses on the way home. They are currently settling into their new home and enjoying exploring all the new toys, boxes and hiding places in the cage. No names yet. These are the happiest babies I have ever had the pleasure to bring into my home. You are a terrific breeder. Thank you for letting us adopt from you Amy. Steven and I will spoil these ratties.


01 - Adopter Name: = Jane
02 - Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = little burmese girl, 12-8
03 - Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = we named her cocoa; she is just the color of a nice cup of hot chocolate! she is already settling in nicely. she runs to the cage door when i come in, and i am already getting rattie kisses!! we haven't introduced her yet to moonbeam, but that will happen today. thanks!

The 3 young boys I acquired from you a few months ago are doing fantastic, by the way! And I'm so happy I was able to obtain and stick with feeding them the Teklad Lab Blocks. They seem very healthy. I have nothing negative to report. They're turning into big, happy, snuggly, kissey bucks now. :)

Lindsey Turner

By the way, the 2 rats I adopted from you in March, 2010, are doing well! I named them Quen & Tomi. At their last vet visit, both of them weighed 1 lb., 12 ozs. I recently bought them a much bigger cage, with 3 levels & they're happy with their new home! Both have been very healthy, except for Quen has had a bad case of Bumblefoot, which the antibiotic he's been on for 11 days seems to be clearing it up finally, after nearly 2 months. And Tomi somehow sprained one foot a week ago, which the vet gave him a shot for pain & swelling & now he's just fine!
  Thanks again for the wonderful ratties! They give me so much joy!

Sincerely,    Linda Smith


Raja and Bagheera have grown up a lot since I last talked to you so I thought I would give you another update. Raja is a very large rat now. When I last took him to the vet, he was about 1 1/2 pounds. He also has a perfect personality. He loves to come up and lay himself in my hand to be petted while he licks me. He is lazy and cuddly most of the time, but surprisingly active and playful for such a fat rat. Bagheera used to be kinda shy, but will now walk right up to strangers to greet them. He is a very well behaved rat. He has also gotten a very nice, soft coat. I have also accquired two more rats from Legends of Rock Rattery. Raja and Bagheera were very good about accepting new babies and everyone gets along wonderfully now.

-Natalie Blakely
July 1, 2011

Hi Amy! It's been a good three months since I adopted the two boys from the Away x Because litter in October. And I just wanted to tell you what a joy they are. They are both so friendly, charming, adorable and have been from day one. And they are so big now as well! The Siamese, named Casper, is such a big smooshy boy. And very lazy. He sleeps all the time. During play time he waddles around either begging for food or looking for a cozy place to roll around. Ichabod, the black self, is a little comedian. He's energetic and always manages to get into something.

  Anyways just wanted to thank you again for letting me have these amazing boys. You're a fabulous breeder. c:


My rats are doing very well, their coats are so shiny and healthy and they're so adventurous and playful and inquisitive and smart!! 
I'm so glad i found you to adopt from!  
just wanted you to know know much i love these little girls... 
i'd like to try out with boys sometime, but maybe in the future, not right now.  but i like the idea that they're such cuddle bunnies... 
hope things are going well!  
adrienne t.
The beautiful little girls are just wonderful--they are sweet, curious, and cuddly! They have adjusted to the cage and me, and are already sitting on my shoulder (right now, actually!). The LOVE the hammocks and toobs, but haven't figured out the wheel yet. But I can tell we are going to be best friends. :-) 

Taylor H.

I just wanted to give you a little update on the girls!
Cassiopeia (Peacemaker and Go It Alone) is amazing, what a little sweetie! She is very tolerant and beautiful. Cassie will let me pick her up and give her a massage, she is very playful, and a lover. She has turned out to be a beautiful girl too.
Annapurna (agouti Lights and Fate) is a real adventurer. Anna is so smart! I have to make sure to keep all my doors tightly closed because she can open them. She can also stand on her hind legs on command. She is really smart and has some really beautiful dark patches still on her after roaning. Cassie is her partner in crime :D
Cama Debra (Debbie or Debba D) is a sweetie. It took her a while to get used to me� but she is very sweet. Funnily enough she absolutely HATES baths! She will do anything to get out of taking one! She is a very pretty girl, and she a Sunhi are best friends. 
Sunhi (formerly I Will) is a funny and sweet girl. She is such a big girl and will do anything for treats. She is funny and tries to take treat from the other girls. Her point and tail are beautiful too. She is Debra's best buddy.
Haleakala (cinnamon Lights and Fate) is the sweetest rat ever. Hali is a loner more often than not, but she loves to curl up in long hair or in shirts. She definitely enjoys sleeping, it is her favorite past time. She has, as expected, a much lighter color�but a beautiful girl. 
One thing is we think that Hali maybe partially blind. She is a wonderful rat and we wouldn't trade her for the world, but she doesn't seem to follow movement and sometimes tries to bite my finger instead of the treat that I am holding out to her.  She LOVES treats and can smell them a mile away. I think she uses her sense of smell to get around most of the time. 
When Debra first returned to our home, she started to "brand" the other rats. We aren't sure if this was a way of asserting her dominance or what, but she started to groom all of the hair just below the right ear of the other four rats so they all became bald there for a while. 
They are a great source of joy in my life. All my friends have seen them and one even decided to adopt some of her own (she rescued some from the humane society)!

Mario and Luigi are happy little guys in their over-sized cage, and love eating their canned green beans (no salt added of course), cucumbers, morning puppy bone, and animal crackers.  Thank you, and here's to many more years of successful rat breeding.

Hi Amy. Hope your day went well. Little Sunny is doing great. I thought she would need some time to adjust but she just wanted to be on me lol. I put them in the pool to clean the cage today and she just kept coming to the edge to be with me. Such a sweet girl! Great job once again =-D

Jen B.

Hi Amy,
    The two siameses I adopted from Paint's litter are amazing! They are so confident and social! The Rex (Tag - his smooth brother is Tobin) is already shirt diving and both are kissers, neck cuddlers and hand wrestlers.  My husband and I are both smitten.  Alex (hubby) loves the pink/red eyes - he says they look like strawberry candies! : )  Their points are coming in and I think they are blue.  As you promised, they love the wheel.
    The little himi (Shepherd) from Shana's litter is a gem too. He follows the siameses all the time and tries to do whatever they do but he is more clumsy- like a little brother.  He will wrestle with us when the other two are playing but he is still too shy to engage us himself.  The black boy (Deacon) is very shy right now, but I'm sure he'll be a sweety when he gets a lil more confidence.  When I hold him he is calm and curious, though very eager to get back under cover. He is a hoarder and LOVES sprawling in his fleece blankies (especially with about 15 lab blocks and several small toys under them).
    My baby cage is a martins and i put a small litter box at the bottom of the ramp and lo and behold they are using it.  The siameses have already figured out hammocks as well.
  Thank you for allowing me to adopt from you and for the bonus babies.  I would love to adopt more babies from you in the future <  I have a VERY big cage ; )   > 

-Karen Johnson


Mooney and Rocket are doing well. Mooney is such a lush. I can hold him in my hands on his back and he just lays there. Rocket is a little teddy bear as you say just a lazy little fuz butt lol. I am in love with them both!

Jen B.

Hi Amy! 

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing rats! They are both so cute and loving. I have named the siamese rat Nugget and the capped russian blue rat Bartok. They are both so sweet and every time I hold them or put them on my shoulder they lick me lovingly. Everyone in my family loves them so much! These are the best pets that I have ever had and I am so appreciative of the rats you gave me and wanted to thank you again! I am hoping that I can get more rats from you but my parents think that two is enough. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :) Thanks again! I will send a few pictures after I download them to my computer! 

- Jesse

They really are so great! Having the opportunity to adopt breeder babies is a whole new world and I love rats more and more by the minute. The difference is astonishing.


Hi Amy,

Just an update on the little male Siamese (I named him Dorian).  He's doing fantastic.  He gets along with the older boys wonderfully.  I am so glad that you breed rats because they are all so happy, healthy, and completely stunning.  Thank you!


Brought home my two brand new sweeties a couple hours ago that I adopted from Amy. They are SO precious. The next 48 hours is going to be torture leaving them alone to get settled I just wanna play with them! It will be worth the wait though :)

I'll get some pictures posted in a few days when I can take them out to play. We named them Pickles and Penelope. Pickles is a gorgeous black hooded down under dumbo. She has been sleeping since we put her in her cage, doing a little stretching and yawning. Penelope is a siamese self rex dumbo. She has been very inquisitive checking out her new cage. Every little movement they make is the cutest thing in the world.

I am so very happy, thank you so much Amy!

Aimee L.

Hiya lady! Just thought I'd pop in and say hello =:o) Pharaoh and Sally are doing wonderful. I swear there cannot be more loving rats on the planet! My other two girls just want to run and go nuts when let out of the cage but Sally chases me down and demands to stay on me and kiss me all over. Pharaoh is the same way and such a darling. I am so blessed to have them!

Many Blessings!

Xoxoxxx Ree



Awwww. I just looked at them and then looked at their geneology (from and the one of the great grandmothers is Cama Sway, the girl you gave me. My little girl is a great grandma. I can totally see that they come from her line with the gray hoods just like her. Well, if these great grandchildren get half of her great personality, the owners are in for a real treat. She is the friendliest rat I've ever had. I took her to my ...classroom for a visit and she just walked up to my kids and they loved her so much. She is such a friendly little girl. I tell people that getting retired breeders is a really good idea because these were the creme de la creme that were kept for breeding so you get a really great quality rat!

Monique P. 9/1/2010

Last week my friend Mary R. drove all the way up to Colorado from
Houston to adopt from Cama and H2R. I was lucky enough to get my name on
some beautiful adults from Amy and Karen. I adopt The Nurse and Till,
both Burmese beauties from Amy. And I adopted two more Burmese, Magic
Dream and Bella Rose (who happens to be The Nurse's sister!) from Karen.
(Can anyone guess my favorite rat colour?)

I haven't had much time to take pics of them since I am moving to Dallas
in a week, but these guys are some of the most lovable skooshiest
sweetest rats I have ever met. Being an ex rat rescuer and dealing with
"troubled" rats for years it's a real treat having some babies from two
awesome breeders who have obviously spoiled them rotten! The three girls
are already living together in one cage and after we move I will slowly
try to introduce them to my existing crew. Till needs neutering but has
already made friends with Ike, my neutered BEW hunk. My crew lives in
two CN cages that are attached together and one day I hope they will all
live in there together. But for now they are getting out to play in the
Martins playpen and saying hello on neutral ground. I have a spare CN
162 that the newbies are living in for now.

Thanks to Amy and Karen for putting up with a million questions from
Mary and I and not turning us down just because of the distance.

Rebecca K.

Due to the reputation of Amy of Camarattery, and Karen of Hidden Haven Rattery, my husband and I drove from Houston, Tx to adopt a few rats from them. I ended up with 4 for myself, and 4 for a friend that was also approved for adoption.  We just got home with them yesterday, and I am already in love. The boys are Opie, Odie, & Ollie.  The girl (formerly Do Da Da) is now named Bindi.  I will post pictures of them in their new home after they settle in a bit.    Thank you Amy & Karen for putting so much effort into improving the life potential of our pets!  We are looking forward to them living long, healthy, happy lives with us.      :-)

Mary R.

Amy - Just wanted to tell you something fun and see if anyone else has the same thing.

Both of Fixin's daughters (Skittles & Olivia)do the same thing. When I play with them, they will stand up on their hind legs and I skritch their bellies and they both will lick my hand all over. It's the cutest thing. Does Fixin' or their momma do that?

They are such nice girls and I'm enjoying them so much.



Hey Amy,
Just wanted to check in after taking the boys home. They're doing great! They ran around the cage like crazy things for awhile, quickly tuckered themselves out and fell asleep together in their cozy fleece bed. There was a little scuffling between them and some food stealing going on, but I assume they are just trying to establish who is the man of the house -- I keep an eye on them just to make sure it doesn't get too rough. 
I also wanted to tell you they are already using their litter pan--so they are smart boys too! I decided to name them Socrates (the Siamese Rex) and Cicero (the RB Variegated). Thanks again for the lovely ratties, I can't wait to start bonding with them! I'll probably check in again in a few months so you can see how they've grown. :)
All the best,


 Adopter Name: = Teal Nassir
Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = A black irish, and a roan. March 1st
 Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = Hi Amy,
I'm just updating you again on the boys. They are doing great, and have the most wonderful personalities! Harley (the roan) is almost a completely different color, and its so fun to watch from day to day, and see the changes!!
Milo(the black irish) is SO much bigger and heavier than Harley (which I think is funny, because Harley is going to be bigger than him soon:) 
  They are out of quarantine , and are now living in my room:) I look forward to each day with them, and can't wait until they mellow out, and will like to cuddle with me:) Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! 
~Blessing, Teal


Hello Amy,

Peacemaker and the boys are doing swimmingly!  I have named the black self Mike and the hooded Jefferson.  Mike is super friendly and loves to see what I am up to.  Jefferson is more timid and shy.  Peacemaker is doing so much better now that he has other rats with him.  All the rats are very lovely.  I really want to thank you for all the time and patience that you gave me with the rats.  There were some bumps in the road, but everything turned out great!  The boys love getting out and playing in what my partner has affectionately called the "thunderdome".  I will post another update with pictures on your webpage when the boys are bigger.

I hope your plumbing issues are resolved quickly,



i just wanted to let you know that both moonbeam (from fire's litter) and sunshine (from dr lee's litter) are doing great.  sunshine in particular is such a doll.  we are all in love with her outgoing personality.  she is so sweet and friendly, outgoing, and curious. she seems to be pretty vocal too like her mom.  twilight is a little more shy and retiring ... but it is easy to be upstaged by sunshine!  i will post some pics when i get a chance, but we are just loving our new girls!!


Hi Amy,
I just wanted to let you know that our other rat, Charcle is doing really well, despite the loss of his brother Camrin many months ago.  I have to admit that I fully expected him to pass away after the loss of his bro but it seems that he really likes to be alone (his brother rat use to beat him up often).   I can only conclude he likes his own "space."  My son spends time with him every day, and he seems to look forward to that.  He celebrated his 2nd birthday on March 1st so I know that we are pretty lucky to still have him around.  I figure that one year equals thirty years in he is probably about sixty.  He is moving a bit slower now and I think his eye sight is failing (he mistakes my fingers for his treat when I feed him peanuts) but his bite isn't hard at all.
I also wanted to thank you again for all the help and advice you have given me since we obtained the rats and to just let you know how Charcle was doing.
Kim Mahone

Mario and Luigi, they are really doing well and have been growing (they are eating very well).  They are ornery little boys and constantly wrestle with each other and my hand.  They are adapting nicely to their new environment, and are showing trust in Mo and I.  Thank you so much again for allowing us to adopt them.


Adopter Name: = Teal Nassir
Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = The black Irish, and a roan. 3/02/10
Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = Amy,
Thank you SOOOOOO much for my new babies!! They are such sweeties! Harley (the roan) is such a little bundle of energy, but is still such a sweetheart. Milo, (the black irish) is a bit more quiet and shy, but is still very curious. 
  They are settling in quickly, and Harley is always waiting at the door for me:) I can't wait to finally get them out and play with them!
Thank you again for the little joys, and don't ever stop breeding!!

Blessings, Teal

Hi Karen and Amy,
Just wanted to update you both that Dr. Lee and Fiona are now sleeping together. The first few days they had been sleeping on separate levels and today when I came home they were together in the igloo cuddling up:) So it's all good at home.

 Blessings, Lydia

Hi Amy,
We made it home at 2:00 and the girls met in the bathtub and got along just fine. A little jockeying for position in the cage with young Fiona stealing food out of Lee's hands. I think that Lee is going to let her know that she is bigger because she started to puff up and push Fiona a bit. Nothing unusual though, no blood shed. I think that they will be just fine. I cleaned and rearranged the cage and there are plenty of private spaces for them to have alone time. It was a pleasure to meet you and your babies. Thanks again for Dr. Lee, she is a sweetie:)

                                                                           Blessings, Lydia


Moonbeam....well the name is still under consideration ... ;-)

she is settling in nicely.  she is hanging pretty close to midnight most of the time, but she is venturing out to explore a little too; then she runs back.  she likes the hammock a lot. she and midnight spent the night there and most of the morning in a box on the middle floor. she's found the food and water.  she just darted up to the hammock all by herself!  oh, and now back down again.  i want to call her rocket girl--the way she zooms around is so cute. last night she was running in circles around midnight and kept standing on midnight's back--which was hilarious because she is so tiny and midnight is pretty big.  you forget how energetic the babies are!!  after she settles in, i'll take some pics and send them to you. (midnight also seems to be adjusting well.  there was a big grooming session right away, but she already seems used to the little fur ball!)
so far so good!  looking forward to next weekend.


Here are some pics of the boys for you.  (finally)!
I know I am WAY behind and owe you pictures of Sugar and Spice.  You would not believe how big Sugar is!!  I have not even had time to download Christmas pics yet, but they are both doing well and are very sweet.  Nathan and Spice have really taken to each other and Sugar seems to be more interested in crawling around my office and sleeping on my neck while I am working.



Hi Amy,

Just wanted to let you know that the babies are doing great, they're awesome.  I'll send photos soon. 


Tomorrow and Cherry are doing great.  Cherry and Hoodie sleep together all the time.  Tomorrow is a bit more independent.  Three rats are smellier that two and I have to clean more often. I gave all three a "bath" yesterday since they were settled in and used to me holding them. They smell a litter better today.   Take care.



Adopter Name: = Kate
Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = Yesterday, 12/26/09,I adopted the Agouti and cinnamon females from the Fate and Lights litter and the Balck down-under female from the Peacemaker/Go It Alone litter.   
 Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rats are doing great, they are still settling in, but they are getting along nicely and exploring there new home. Cassiopeia, Cassie, (the black D/U) loves the soft tube my aunt got for her and doesn't like to come out of it much...maybe she isn't used to her surroundings yet. Haleakala, Holly, (the cinnamon roan) loves to run, run, run on the wheel. Annapurna, Anna, (the agouti roan) is pretty much just a go with the flow kind of girl. They love to snuggle with each other in the hanging bed and the soft tube. Last night they obviously felt lazy and pushed over the shoebox igloo to use as a bridge to the hanging bed. This morning they were all snuggled up together in the hanging bed. When they got up they simply jumped down instead of crossing the makeshift bridge! so much work....Right now they are sleeping together, Anna is in the bed, and Cassie and Holly are all scrunched up together in the tube. I never expected the tube to become such a popular sleeping place, but it is. 

I cant tell you enough how great they are and how thankful I am.

The baby rat I got from you is the best pet I've ever had! He's doing great and he's so pretty - Russian blue.
Kay A.


Hello Amy! I wanted to send you a little picture I took of the roan that I adopted from you. I decided to name him Onigiri, which means Rice Ball. I hope you like it! It has no particular purpose aside from being incredibly cute. (The image is attached to this e-mail) Hope you enjoy it!


Here is an updated pic. He is changing very quickly! I love it. He is also just soooo happy to park himself on my chest and stay there! Thank you for him. He is beautiful.

Hi Amy!!  An update on my crew.  First, Peacemaker x Nausea boys.  They are doing great!  They are making themselves comfortable in their new home and they love running up and down each level & running together in their wheel (so cute)  at night and cuddling up together in their hammock during the day.  They love to be held and snuggle up close to me bruxing in contentment.  Their names are House, Wilson & Foreman.
Daphne is doing wonderful.  Growing so big and is very happy.  She's a love and comes running to the cage door when I come to say hi.  She's first one there to greet me.  She loves to ride on my shoulder and would prefer to be out of her cage all day, LOL.  :)  She has such a playful personality.  Here is a recent picture of her.  Happy x Here comes the sun.  She is a little over 3 months old now.
Then there is little Ms. Brit.  She's so cool!  She is so lovely, pretty, soft and a complete joy!  She's full of personality as well.  She is the queen of bruxing, she loves to talk, she wags her tail when I hold her , back and forth like a dog, she nibbles my fingers in affection and is so sweet.  I can't say enough about her, she fits in great.  She loves my dominate female , Betty, she snuggles under her in the igloo.  Betty took to her right away and treats her like her own baby.  :)  Brit is a Roan from RG Hit the lights x RG Mercyful Fate litter.  She is almost 2 months old now.  Also a picture of her and Betty in the igloo.
Thank you Amy for making my first ratty babies a wonderful experience and being such a wonderful breeder who cares about the quality and well being of her ratties.  I love them terribly!!  I will get more from you no doubt! 
Rattie snuggles from all of us   <:3  )~~


Hey Amy
I just wanted to give you an update, here are a few pictures that I took of the boys. They are all getting along well together. I often see them sleeping together in the hammocks! I couldn't be happier with all three boys! I named him Harry and he is already growing! I'm getting a new cage which means I might be getting another baby from you :) Thanks Amy for such great boys! I enjoy them very much!


Hi Amy!  Brit is happily living with my girls now & getting along with everyone, of course :) She's a very sweet girl and a growing girl.  She's really silver now on her sides and the cinnamon is a bit more silver too, in one week she has changed so much.  Here are a couple of pictures of her today.  I bet she is done molting now for awhile but it's very cool watching her color change already.  She is the best!  Well Daphne is too.  :)   


I took this picture of Brit last night.  She has settled in nice.  I'll take more pictures today and of course share on the chat group.  LOL.  :)  I just love your babies!  Thanks so much for taking such good care of them!  Your hard work really shows in the quality of your ratties. 

Next day via the forum:
Thanks everyone!  She is stunning and Amy, she is roaning away!  She's really changing daily.  She is such a neat little girl and she is settling into her new home nicely.  She isn't one bit scared of my dogs and she 'chatters' her teeth when I hold her, I love when she does it in my ear while she's on my shoulder.  :)  I could go on and on about how great she is. 


Hi Amy,

Just wanted to send you off a quick email while I have a quick moment on my daughter's computer. All the boys and girls are doing fantastic. I don't recall if I had mentioned this before, but there are 2 funny ones that stand out a little more. The Burmese girl that you said escaped on you still loves to escape!  She is sneaky and quick about it so has been able to get by me a couple times. I am sure she had a blast by the sassy look in her eye as she made me work at catching her. LOL!  One of the things I don't like about the Critter Nation now are those large doors. ;-)  The other little character is the bareback boy. My daughter named him after her favorite rat (even though her's was a female), Ossie. He also tries to escape but not to take off exploring, but rather to climb on you. He is very insistent on being with us and on being a rodentist!  He demands and gets everyones attention that meets him.  He has become my special boy.

Take care.



Merri Whiskers Rattery

Well I have my new baby girl.  She's such a doll.  I just love her!  Daphne is her name & it fits her so well.  She is getting settled in and isn't bothered by my dogs at all.   She's going to be such fun.   I have attached a couple of pictures.  I couldn't be happier with her.  Thank you Amy!! 

I just want to share some pictures of Yes and Pepper who I just adopted from Amy! They are such sweet boys, I know I'm really going to enjoy them both! Pepper loves to talk a lot and Yes just loves to be held! Both of them have great personalities.


Hi Karen and Amy,

Tonight we had waffles for dinner and I sliced up a little extra banana and then put a plop of yogurt on top and brought it to the cage and lifted the lid and the girls all lined up like soldiers, all on their own.  It was so funny.  They frequently have bananas but the yogurt was a new taste treat � Pumpkin had had it before but not the new girls.  Maggie doesn�t like to eat in front of us and she�s not eating in these photos either, just being cute instead. 


So, Jamie (my 15 year old) grabbed her camera and got them munching away. 


From the left:  Magnolia (aka Maggie or Moo Moo) from Karen, Can�t Buy Me Love (my son simply calls her Lovey Dovey), Auntie Pumpkin (her stripe really is right in the middle of her back so she must be sitting funny � she�s our old rat who was lonely when her friend Daisy died in early August), and finally Tipsy (or Tipsy Turvy or Tipsy Toodles) from Cama.  

They are enjoying each other�s company.   They just play and sleep and eat and run around � just like rats!


Kelly B

Well I have my new baby girl.  She's such a doll.  I just love her!  Daphne is her name & it fits her so well.  She is getting settled in and isn't bothered by my dogs at all.   She's going to be such fun.   I have attached a couple of pictures.  I couldn't be happier with her.  Thank you Amy!! 


 You know I love you and your rattery....and all the little lovely little beings there!


Amy I LOVE Your rats. My Favorite girl from 2007 Cama Magic



Last week we picked up Can't Buy Me Love.  What a beautiful and sweet rat!  We enjoyed our visit to the rattery to see where Love grew up!  Despite having a bunch of rats, it was a clean and smell-free place; Amy has nothing to hide!  The rats all appeared healthy and happy and well cared for!  We will be back!


Kelly and family


I had a great experience with Amy and Camarattery! We adopted 4  baby boys who are doing great and also got a beautiful, baby boy blue a lot sooner than we expected. Thanks Amy!




Hi Amy!
Well we have had the girls (from Beatrix's litter) for a week now and we absolutely love them!!! 2 are extremely out going and one is a bit more shy. The children I care for as well as my own of course really enjoy watching them. Well we really are enjoying the girls very much. 



You can't go wrong getting a rat from Amy. They are long lived and have excellent temperaments. I am absolutely in love with my little girl brood of ratties.


 May I just say that I was at Amy's last Sat. and met the little hairless dwarf. He is the most special cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on... if I had males instead of females I would have snatched them (him in particular) up right away!! very sweet creatures!!! Also another thought... I just adopted 3 girls from Beatrix's litter as well as Beatrix herself. I believe there are a few males from her litter left. Beatrix and the girls are soooo gentle and sweet so I would imagine that the boys would make fantastic pets!!!


I love my two new raties. Everyone adores them, even nonrat people. The two new ones seem to know their names now and will com when called even if they are free. Thanks for these sweet little guys.
Christine M.


OMG, the kids LOVE the ratties!
It is fun, I think the little rats are happy!
Thanks again!

Lori M.


Adopter Name: = Nora
 Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = Christie Road, Pixie,Coffee,Tiger Lily,Gimme Shelter, Indestructible, Peaches,Blue,and Majesty, bout 4 months ago
Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = Wow what awesome sweeties, today was bath day and everyone got a shower, they took it well and enjoyed the afternoon out on the porch soaking in the fresh air and warmth.  I posted all of their pictures on the rat list group page in an album, since I have 11 and boys as well as girls It was easier to upload their pictures as I could get them to be still long enough.  Thank you Amy for allowing me to give them their retirement villas.  Mooshy?  Is Gimme Shelter, he is just like a cat, I was sitting in the bathroom with them after cleaning out the cage and he actually was rubbing around my ankle just like a cat would do.  Everyone is healthy and happy.


Hi! I'm not sure if you remember me, but we bought two female dumbo rats from your Mary Jane line almost 2 years ago. One was blue, the other black. We named the blue one Willow and the black one Ivy.

Anyway, my husband and I are moving back to Pennsylvania to be with my family at the end of the month, and we just had a conversation with his sister-in-law about how awesome rats are as pets, and I said that we definitely are going to get more. When Ivy passes, we'd like to get two boys. Josh mentioned that he wants to get them from you again since our girls were so good, but I don't think we're going to ever be driving out here again.

Thanks for breeding awesome rats! I tell everyone I know to consider rats as pets and tell them where we got ours (you!).



Hi Amy and thanks! Our rats (which we named Jack and Jeff) are doing well and our whole family enjoys them.

Christine M.


 Adopter Name: = Jennifer
Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = Hilda, Sweetie and Sweet Leaf (know known as Flower)
 Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = These rats are sooooo sweet! Love getting the little kisses from all of them!


Hey, I just wanted to check in and let you know that the two dwarf dumbo boys are settling in nicely.  They have a great time playing on all the shelves and tunnels I put into my 55 gallon tank.  They especially love their hammock I made for them!  Whenever I come home from work, they peek out from their hammock to greet me, just begging to come out and run around!  I swear, I've been eating so much healthier now that I keep my two boys (Falx and Dimitri, as I have dubbed them) in mind when I'm cooking!  Even though these boys weren't part of one of your planned litters, it just goes to show what quality rats they come from.  Thanks for my popcorny and playful ratties!  I'll send some pictures of us soon...



Oh Amy. I am so in love.   These babies have the perfect temperament! So playful, outgoing, curious, licky and cuddly. I couldn't ask for more. And I'm so glad I decided to get Cheyenna, black Rex. She is so beefy, I have to look twice to make sure she isn't DD.
DD must be going thru the teenage gangly stage. She longer than Cheyenna but when they are curled up sleeping in the ferret tunnels, they look the same size. Good thing Dream isn't black or I really would have trouble. LOL
It's no wonder it took so long to tell if Miya was a dwarf or not. She so petite & feminine. And of course, Keyni is just the greatest. I could just sit in front of the cages and watch them for hours. Oh Ya, that's what I have been doing all morning.

H2R Rattery


Hi Amy, 
I just wanted you to know that little "DD" (my baby from "D" and Pam's litter)is doing great. 
She is so playful and pop-corny. When we play she just hops all over the place. She's so funny. 
Thanks Amy for such a great baby.

H2R Rattery


Hi Amy,

Just thought I�d check in with you to let you know that Misty and Annie are doing wonderful and the entire family (along with friends and neighbors) love them very, very much.

They get LOTS of attention not only from Danielle and Michelle, but I�ll catch myself getting them out of their cage during the day and playing with them.  I�ve even caught my husband coming home for lunch and playing with �the girls�.  Thank you for letting us adopt your amazing little pets.



Amy--We love our little fuzzy creatures!!  We have had so much fun with them.  Thank you for giving them so much love as babies.  They are so loving and friendly:)
 Jenny Lea 
P.S.  My daughter Katie says Hi and promises she will send a picture soon:)


Misty and Annie are still doing great.  The girls can�t seem to get enough of them.  Needless to say the rats are certainly not lacking for attention. 

The rats are very loving and sweet and the kids (and rats) love to cuddle, especially right before bedtime (at least bedtime for the girls).  Every once in a while, when the rats are in the cage, they are either wrestling (fighting) or just playing and being rambunctious.  Nobody ever gets hurt, I just don�t know if this is normal �rat behavior�.

Anyway, we are all loving the rats, except our 80 lbs English Setter who is scared of them (he was once attacked by a Chihuahua and has been afraid of small animals ever since).

Take Care,



Adopter Name: = Nora
Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = Cama Christie Road, Cama Pixie Dust
Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = I took all 4 of my little ones in to the specialist vet, Dr Fitzgerald at Alameda East Vet. Hospital for a check up, He said that both Christie and her daughter Pixie were beautiful and "Perfect", he was quite taken by how healthy they were.  Thanks Amy 

Submitted using the adopter comments form


Hi Amy,

I just thought I�d let you know that #1 mink, who is now known as �Misty� and #6 black, who is now named �Annie�, are safe and sound.  Misty has already really taken to the hammock and Annie seems to prefer the wooden house.  They are absolutely darling and we just adore them both! 

Thanks for letting us pick them up tonight.

I�ll keep you posted.

Thanks again!

God Bless,



I adopted two berk girls last September who were bred from Cannon X Yorba. They are both still doing well and get along with my older rat.   One has gotten quite large, while her sister is this tiny, nimble thing.  They both are very funny. :D

Here's some pics.  Volt and Nimbus are the rats I got from you.



Adopter Name: = Monika R.
Which Rats Did You Adopt? And When? = Tears, Mustard, Udon, Miso, and Kenro
 Please Add Any Adopter Comments Here. = Amy,
Your ratties I got from you are the best. They are so sweet, sociable, and funny. Tears is such a cuddler; she will crawl down my shirt every chance she gets. Mustard is such a lover boy, always kissing and grooming every time momma gives him scritches. The twins Udon and Miso are kissers cuddlers as well. My oldest, Kenro, is such a lil darling. He is quite content sitting on your shoulder or in your lap; the other 3 boys are even teaching him to become more or a kisser and groomer. All 5 of my kids are bruxers and are doing fabulous. I will send you pics of them very soon.

Submitted using the adopter comments form


I wanted to let you know that the boys are doing well.  I have named I am the Walrus "Wall-e" for short and the unnamed boy is "Moe".  Of course Screwdriver kept his name.

Thank you for these boys and I will send a "real" update later with pictures!

Mary Kirsten W.


Subject: Christie Road

I did something I had hoped to do with her since I got her, I couldn�t get her out of the cage to cuddle with her so I brought her cage over on my bed opened the door, sat on the bed and waited.  She came out, I tickled her back into the cage, she peeked out got out and ran over to me, I chased her back into the cage, she and I played for about an hour on the bed, then I put her back up on the guinea pig cage.  We had such a good time!!!  And I have figured out how to get the other 3 out to play now, do the same thing, next I�ll clean out both cages put everyone back in them and then put one cage on each side of the bed and let the door stay open,Casper, Christie, Baby and Pixie will all get to meet each other together in the middle.  We can all play together and have �safe zones� on each side of the bed so they don�t have to be chased into the cages.  This is what I used to do with my �little Girl� rat I�d toss her to the end of my bed, she�d come running back up, we�d tussle at the top and I�d toss her back, this would go on for quite a while till she thought she needed a break.  Christie is inquisitive, she�s smart, she is very playful, and for a treat after all the play, I cut off a 3 inch square of soft material  from my dog�s dog jacket.  She is so great.  Can�t wait to get them all out to play. 

I�m going to try to get my camera in the room at the same time so I can do a little movie of her playing. 

I�ll keep you posted of her progress in the wrestling field. 



Hi Amy,
Things are going great with my little "rat pack".  I named my little dwarf Hubble for the Hubble space telescope because he orbits around the cage at the speed of a spaceship. 

Michelle D.

I just wanted to let y'all know, I got my new lil ratty from Amy, found a ride up to Denver and 
everything. Elanor, is fantastic. Sweetest lil thing! Still trying to figure out who the heck I am 
though. She's a much better advocate of rats as awesome pets than my other rat, haha she's 
so unsocial and bitter. I will absolutely have to get pictures here pretty soon.


Hi.  My name is Di and my 9 year old daughter just adopted two male rats from Amy.  Their names are Silverstream and Twilight -- both names she got from books.  They are sweet, hungry little guys.  They are still a bit shy, but warming up as the week has passed.  Thanks to Amy for all the help.  


Just wanna say thanks to Amy!

I picked up my 2 loves on Wednesday and we are getting to know 
each other quite well.  They are adapting to their new home.  I got the 
2 Siamese sisters and their names are Samba and Skeelah.  They seem to 
fit their personalities quite well.  I can tell we're going to be very 
happy together.  I will post some pics soon!  Thanks again Amy!

Things are going well I think. if it wasn't for my darn cat I'd
let them out more, so funny.... I use to be such a cat person, now I
think I'm almost more of a rat person LOL. I love my cat and give her
plenty of attention, but I just wanna play with the ratties so much.

Nate B

My babies are doing fantastic and get along great with Howard they are amazingly friendly and outgoing.


Hi, sorry this has taken so long but school has been crazy. I wanted to let you know that the boys are doing great. Quillo, Bucky and Spike are all settled in and doing great. Mousse and Latte love the new cage and their new roomies. 


2nd comment from this adopter after I asked to borrow 2 of his males for breeding:

Well the only rats that I have are yours. I don't see the point of going to anyone else. They are healthy and huge! Except for Spike...he's kind of racy. It will be nice to see what kind of babies my boys make without actually breeding them. All the AWW! factor without the work. :) Plus I'm glad I can help!

Amy- just wanted to let you know that everything has gone GREAT with our new
little rat. Our son just loves him. He is such a sweet little guy, very
gentle, SO soft and we are so happy with him. Our blue has perked up too
with his new cage mate here. Our son has named him Pluto
, after his favorite
planet (actually not a planet anymore, which our space minded son could tell
you all about)!
Thanks again for all the help. I am SURE we will be back again for more
ratties, it's hard not to get more once you start!
I also have some friends I am referring to you from the Springs here.
Take care-

You are welcome to post a picture! Here is Grant's favorite picture for
you...he calls it "Pluto Doing Math".
Thank you again-


Hi Amy. I just wanted to update you.  They are very sweet!  Thunder (the blue) is definitely not as shy anymore, in fact he is the little brat! He is very playful and nips me and runs away and comes back for more.  Lightening (the little beige berk) is very sweet and curious.  He always wants to come out and play but he is not as rambunctious as Thunder. Thunder actually tries to wrestle and play.  I will have to try and take a picture of Lightening's belly, it is exactly the shape of a lightening bolt! We have never had rats but they are just awesome.  My husband even loves them!  Thank you Amy. We appreciate the sweeties you gave us.  You never know, maybe we'll get a third sometime in the near future!

Amy, thanks so much for these three beautiful little boys! They are all healthy, sweet and gorgeous little guys. Each ratty has his own distinct personality and brings us hours of fun and joy. I try to stay off your web site because its so tempting to bring home more of these little bundles of joy! Just know you have a customer for life!  

Deb T.

Hello Amy!

We decided to name the rat we adopted from you Mr. Fatty, because he's a snuggly, smushy, ball of cute. =]

To be honest, I came to pick up my rat thinking he would be a bit smaller, but when I got there I was surprised when you told me that my little guy might get up to 2lbs. I was going to say no and just leave him, because my other little ratties were so much smaller than him, but he was just so sweet I couldn't go home without him!

I just wanted to thank you for such a sweet little rat, and I can finally remember what it's like to have such amazing little furries and I will definitely be coming back to you if I would ever like more pet rats.

Thank you very much Amy! I've attached a couple of pictures of all of my little boys together. They're so cute!

Michelle B.

Finally got around to posting pictures of our fab girls!  We got them
from Amy at the beginning of October.

Kalika's the smaller dark one, busier and feisty--although Twyla puts
her in a headlock several times a day to clean behind her ears.  Twyla,
the agouti, is much heftier (we laughed at Amy's description "a beefy
girl," but that's pretty accurate,) and she is more laid back.  They are
out of their cage several times a day, and have trained us to a routine
of a rat treat every time we put them back in.



Amy, Thanks for posting your wonderful rat diet, always answering all of my (sometimes silly) rattie questions, sharing all of your wonderful rat wisdom, for the great forum which provides tons of information and sweet indulgence for a rat fanatic, and a HUGE special thanks for my furry family members: Griffin, Sunny, and Harry (and for the late Ichabod Crane "Icky", Mr. Reepicheep "Reepy" and Noah).


I am giving you a update on the little guys so you know they are rotten rats (spoiled) and are doing very well! Thank you again 


Hi Amy,

                 I just wanted to thank you for letting me take home my 2 beautiful boys.  They started off nervous but then one day just came out of their shell.  They are both so funny Paddington is more thoughtful than Dweasel and plans his moves carefully Dweasel on the other hand just runs and jumps and hopes for the best J The both love dried unsweetened bananas and get those a treats I swear Paddington does back flips when he hears the bag of bananas rustle.  I forget how fast they grow 6.5 weeks old and have nearly doubled in size from 5 weeks.

Amanda F.

Hi Amy,

I wanted you to know Pepper
 (Cama Shot in the Dark) has adjusted well to her new home and is doing great.  She and Marshmallow (Cama White Moon) are like two peas in a pod.  Their personalities are very similar.  They're both extremely curious and friendly.  I cannot tell if either one is an Alpha rat.  They're always together.  It's very humorous to see both of their white and black noses sticking out of the end of their hammock.  

Here's a funny story for you: Marshmallow likes to perch on my shoulder, root around in my hair and play with my earrings.  One afternoon Marshmallow climbed up my shirt onto my shoulder.  Not to be left behind, Pepper followed her.  There really wasn't room for both, so they wrestled around in my hair squeaking until Marshmallow climbed across me (scratching up my neck in the process of course) to my other shoulder.  Once again Pepper followed her and the same battle for space took place until Pepper gave up and climbed off my shoulder. 

They're always doing amusing things.  The other night Kurt fed them cut up apple.  He noted that Pepper, who is usually the first to stuff her face when given a treat, didn't seem to like the apple.  The next morning, I found a few apple pieces on the floor.  I can but assume that Pepper pushed them out of the cage.
We're very happy with the rats.


Hello everyone,
Well yesterday I became the proud mama of three little seal point Siamese boys from Amy at Camarattery. They are Roscoe, Dexter and Dudley, haven't decided which name goes with which face yet though.
First of all I am lucky cause Amy is a responsible breeder and these boys are healthy and beautiful. Second because they are so friendly and sweet we have already had a couple of visits with my boys Rufus and Dunkan, and they have gone fantastically! ! They will be living together soon.
Rufus has done a little bit of the "I am bigger than you" stance, and he has had to hold each of them down and thoroughly examine them, but he has been extremely gentle with them. Dunkan had a moment where he hid in his house and put his head  into a toilet paper roll and just peeked out at me, I so wish I had a picture of that, but a cookie and a few snuggles and kisses fixed that. The new boys are a little bit younger than mine so it is working!
It is making me want to build another cage though and I have all kinds of ideas. So today we built a cage add on for the bottom giving them tons more space and everyone is living together. This has been by far the easiest intros for boys that I have ever had. 


Hey Amy!

  I know I haven�t been on the forums or talked with you in a while, but I figured I would give you a little update. I don�t know if I told you yet, but I named the dwarf Mike, and the velveteen Sully. I thought it fit them well! They are as social as ever. Sully likes to wrestle with Mike and I swear he always wins. Another thing I have noticed is that Sully likes to steal all the food and hide it. I guess he doesn�t like to share. (Sometimes he also takes what Mike is eating. It�s quite hilarious at times!) They are funny! Wouldn�t you think they would sleep inside the igloo? They don�t, but they enjoy sleeping on the top. I took a picture of them sleeping on their igloo and I thought it would be fun to share with you.  I think the photo shows their true brotherly love! I hope all is well with you!

Peter M.

We love Biscuit!  She is such a sweetie.  She and midnight are getting along very well.  Biscuit is a little more shy about coming out of the cage to play.  She likes to be near the cage or me so that she has a place to duck into if she gets nervous.  I have a hammock in the cage for the rattie girls, and Biscuit has not been a shredder.  Though I also have a sock in there that both girls like to chew on.  Her favorite foods are brown rice, yogurt with granola in it, and bananas.


Amy's babies are the
best, wonderful temperament and health. Amy, these boys are just divine! Of course you already knew that but I wanted you to know that they are doing very well. They were a bit standoffish last night, so I just left them alone,and let them come to me. First thing this morn Danny Boy ran over to me,and was ready for love. I put the liners in their cage and they seem to like it. They are also doing great in the play pool.The black boy is such a doll too. He acts a lot like Ollie(like you said)-very playful.They also are eating VERY well (wow). I filled up their bowls again last night and this morn not one crumb left! I really feel honored to have them,and I just wanted to tell you thank you again.

Jennifer B.

2nd comment from this adopter:

Dear Amy,

I am writing you to tell you how grateful I am for you and your rattery,and the ethics that you employ .I have adopted 5 rats from you so far,and they are all just the sweetest.They are happy and healthy,and get along great.I am so relieved  that I can count on good health and temperament from any rat that I get from you.It is apparent from the second they get to my house how well they have been treated,and socialized. I am always impressed by how shiny and healthy their coats are! They are just beautiful. I also appreciate the way that you have put together your website and group,because I have learned so much about how to take good care of my rats,and whenever I have had a problem(like my poor Nihm growing old),I have been able to get help and advice.You bring so very much to the "rat world",and it means so much to me. I am enclosing pics of my happy rats...thanks!

Jennifer B. 


I want to Thank You again for all these boys and girls and for your extremely generous gift of Cama Breaking the Rules!!
All the babies are doing great! I can tell that you worked a lot with Rules.  He is SO friendly and relaxed when being handled!   

MWR Rattery

I have to tell you that I absolutely adore them. My kids at school (along with my own family) love them as well. The parents have told me that their children talk about them all of the time. I did a "rat" unit when I first brought them in and the kids really got into it. We did it for nearly 3 weeks. And you being a preschool teacheryourself, know that's unusual for the little ones to be interested in something for that long.  They tell me they are the mommies and daddies of the Littlest Boys and it's there job to take care of them. And I think the greatest thing that has come out of all of this has been that they've educated their families and their families have seen what amazing creatures they are. It's helped with that bad stereotype that poor ratties get. Thanks again for putting us together with Chico and Felix. They're sweeties!

       Libby =)

Hi Amy!
It's been awhile, but I thought I'd send you a cute pic of Trouble and Diamond in their new Speed Racer sports cars!  Of course, Diamond is the crazier driver while Trouble is content to sit at the wheel and watch everyone go by!  They are just the most adorable, sweetest little girls and I look forward to seeing their little noses peeking through the cage every morning, waiting to get out and say hello.  Trouble likes to sit on my lap and watch me work on the computer, while Diamond the Explorer really likes be toted around the house and take in the sights.  They enjoy their little baby pool during the day and play in my kids old parking garage toy with their other rattie gal pal, Queenie.  They enjoy lots of pasta and veggies, with peas and broccoli the obvious favorites.  They are also hopelessly addicted to the tunnel hammock I placed in their cage and look so cute cuddled up together for their naps.  I never thought I would be a rat person, but these girls have me hooked and I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to give them a good home.  They are truly loved and I hope to get some more great rats from you in the future!


2nd comment from this adopter:

Hi Amy!
Thought I'd let you know that your girls are doing fantastic!  I just got the new cage topper today for the 20gallon (long) tank and they are having a blast!  They are so sweet and come running and scrambling every time I come in the office and I have such fun talking to them and watching them play as I work.  My kids love them a lot and enjoy feeding them carrots and broccoli, although it seems their favorite is actually PEAS!  I'll try to send some pics, if you like, and I am considering adopting a couple of dwarfs sometime down the road. Thanks again for my babies!

OMfreekinGosh!!  I just LOVE ALL of them!! THANK YOU!! They are better than I could have ever imagined!

GRIM Rattery

I just love the rats I got from you! Thank you so much!

Sun Shine Rattery

Thank You VERY much for the Triple Dilute!
She is very Gorgeous! 
Just thought I would send you a line letting you know I have her and THANK YOU very much, she is just a love!


BEWR Rattery

The rats are doing great! Actually, if there was such a thing as a rat that was too friendly, that would explain every one of these guys and gals. They are really more than I could have asked for, and I am very pleased with them. :)

 I've actually noticed some funny little quirks with these rats - mainly the girls. The two Black Hooded Du's (Calypso and Jitterbug) are nearly inseparable - they are always together, even when they are trying to run in the wheels! That's always amusing.

The boys, for the most part, are terribly well behaved. They all seem to adore me and will all line up and seemingly wait their turn to be petted and loved on. :)

Serendipity Rodentry

Hi Amy,

I wanted to thank you for the great pet rats.  Everybody in the family loves them.  The first thing that my kids do when they get home from school is check on the rats.  The kids have named them Earl (black bareback) and Robert (blue hooded).  Both of the our rats are very friendly.  I am glad that I found your website and was able to adopt such well socialized pets.
 thank you so much for my new pets.  They're doing great.  The black one we named Crazy Lu, she's so funny and playful.  The other we named Gaia, she's been pretty calm with us so far. but i see her and Lu playing all the time.  I'm really happy with them, thanks again.


We just wanted to email you to tell you how much we are enjoying our 2 little girls. We named them Sadie and Sarah. They are so adorable, lovable and so very funny. Their distinct personalities are starting to show.  Sarah is always taking food away from Sadie. Sadie likes to lick where Sarah likes to nibble...and thank you so very much for breeding such wonderful pets!

Sue & Hope

Thanks so much for all your time helping us adopt our two wonderful rats.  They are so much fun and easy to care for.


Hi Amy,
The boys, Aki and Kenro, are doing great. They are the sweetest boys, always wanting to be with mom and they love to give rattie kisses, brux, and cuddle with anyone. They are so sociable and loving, its wonderful. (Kenro is on my shoulder as we speak.) Here are a few pics with them in it.
Monika R.

(new comment)

 You got me so hooked on having ratties and the kiddos from you are totally wonderful boys and girls. Its so hard not to want and get more whenever I see the pics of your adoptables. You do an awesome job raising them. I hope that when I finally get to become a breeder I can be half as good as you.


Amy is the best rat expert I know - not just because she knows a lot about them, but because she truly loves them. She will tell you herself that she's not in it for the money, and it's true. Her ratties are bred with love for good health and temperament - and I have 5 wonderful boys that I kiss everyday who show it. Thanks for everything you do, Amy!

Sara G.
I admire your work and dedication.  Your web site shows all that work and effort.  Thank you for keeping us up to date.

Ivette V. 
I just love the two boys I got from you.

Thanks you so much for the wonderful surprise, I recently got a Burmese Himalayan Self from Amy and was so happy I did. She breeds the best rats ever. Thanks Amy so much.


THANK YOU FOR MY THREE SWEET BABIES!!! I just LOVE Aloysius, Diogenes and Smithback. Wonderful site, and lots of cute babies!!
Thanks, and MANY Thanks for being in Colorado!!

Jyoti T.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my little babies Ducky and Mary Jane. Ducky, the little platinum bareback, is no longer bareback! She now has spots down her back, and they are very adorable. They are so wonderful, and have the silliest happiest personalities. I couldn't have asked for greater companions! Thanks!


Thanks Amy for my wonderful babies. 
Not only good looking but real sweethearts with great health. And I love your site and how often you up date to let us all know whats going on. Posting not only your yearly goals but individual litter breeding goals is very educational. 
Thanks for making us feel apart of Camarattery!

Karen of the future
H2R Rattery
Thank you so much for the best friends I have ever had. Your rats are amazing!

Amy, We love the three rats we adopted just before Christmas. Your rats are the best! They have very sweet temperaments and have made an excellent addition to our family. We look forward to having them for several years to come. I also love your website which I check often. 

Hey Amy, It's great to see you back in action. Your website looks great, by the way. Just wanted to let you know that the girls we got from you are doing great. We have April and Daisy still and two others who we named Guiness, and Bailey. They're the best!...I must say, you breed beautiful rats. I'm playing with our girls right now and they're great. Every time I see your website I'm newly amazed at how gorgeous they are. I brag about your rattery to anyone who cares to listen. Thanks for being a part of something that brings people so much joy.


Love your site Amy, you have sure come a long way. You have gain my trust through and through! Keep up the wonderful pictures and beautiful Babies!

Jess RRRA Rattery
I just wanted to brag about how darn happy our girls are!!  They are 
SO happy!  I am not sure I have ever seen such a happy bunch!

We decided to take Amy's advice with our most recent adoption, and go 
for three girls, rather than two.  Our first set were sisters, and 
they got along really well.  But when one passed away we attempted to 
cheer our (almost) 2 year old rattie up with a baby.  The baby only 
stayed in the cage for about a month, and then we decided we couldn't 
take the constant bickering between our old girl and our baby... so 
we split them up for a while.  That only lasted a few months, because 
then our old girl passed away too.  

We were heartbroken and debated about what to do, as we didn't want 
another fight on our hands, and weren't totally sure who didn't want 
to live with whom...  But after talking to Amy, she suggested getting 
TWO new rats and then there would be three and no one would be 
singled out.

I didn't think I wanted three... because that just seemed like MORE 
of the same worry.  But when we went to get our new baby, I asked Amy 
if we could take a look at one of her adoptions, and we were so taken 
with a spunky little dwarf girl who immediately put off the air of an 

Sure enough, Jesse, our little dwarf 6 month old has been the 
backbone of our mini colony, and we have never seen rats so content 
and cheerful!  Our other 6 month old bulked up and has a nice fat 
round belly and a gleam in her eye (and the silliest grin on her face 
all the time) and our other two have fallen in with my son in a BIG 

What a fun success story.  I just wanted to encourage people who have 
only had two to consider the HUGE benefit of having three--only 
because the difference has been so significant.  

... not that anyone here probably NEEDS encouragement to get more 
rats...  LOL

Just thought I would share!



Your rats are the best! I would recommend them to everyone! I just love all of my rats from you!