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Website Updated May.18.2024

We do have babies available!
Please be aware that breeding season only lasts through the end of Spring. Breeding season is over during the Summer as rats loose fertility in hot weather.

Supply List

1. A cage. I have a recommended cages page to assist you.
2. A 11" - 12" wheel. Either durable plastic or metal mesh. Both are safe.
3. 2 food dishes. One for the grain and one for wet foods.
4. Food. Fresh from a feed store or small mom and pop shop. Never from Pets Mart or Pet Co as they only have prepackaged stale foods sprayed with chemical preservatives. Do not use Oxbow. Its not the same as it used to be. More and more rats are having sort life spans and getting tumors on it. If you do a lab block make sure its the correct protein of 14-16%. See my diets page for more info.
5. A water bottle. Ball or pin style.
6. A hidey hole big enough for the rats to cuddle in. IE... an igloo or timber hide away or similar.
7. A hammock.
8. A lava ledge or a cuttlebone or both. These are great for keeping nails and teeth trim and rats love them!
9. 2 hanging wood bird toys or chew ledges. Close in size to the rats or slightly larger.
10. A litter box. I like square ones for rats because they like to back their butts into corners to pee. And the litter should be either Yesterdays News or Corn Cobb. Rats like a pelleted diggable litter. Rats do not like the boxes with a corner on the back side but are round on the front. Just get a square one. Do not get one with a grate on it. They need to dig to go potty.
11. Bedding. I recommend large flake kiln dried pine or hemp from the feed store. Those are my top favorites. And very safe for rats. Aspen is good too as long as its not Kay-Tee brand as that's dangerously dusty. Hemp is more expensive but its worth it. It lasts longer in the cage by keeping the smell down and it absorbs really well. You don't have to clean as often with hemp. The kiln dried pine is also very good with smell and lasts loner. Either of these options don't get of from pets mart or pet co. They have mites and lice in the bedding much of the time and their brands are dusty and cheaply made. Go to the local feed store. You will probably be going to the feed store to get rat food anyway.
12. Bleach and a spray bottle. A cap full of bleach to 32 oz of water. This is for when you are hot water washing the cage in the tub. Let the bleach stand for a few minutes before you rinse. Vinegar does not kill all germs! Another option that I like is 256 cleaner. Its 1 tablespoon per one gallon of water. Love this cleaner! One gallon if this cleaner makes 256 gallons of cleaning solution. a 3rd option is clear f-10. Also dilutes in water. I alternate because I like them all.

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