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We do have babies available!

Added 3rd Level - Current Setup -

I added a 3rd level to my cages today. I removed the stand as the wheels also fit on the bottom of the cage. The top level is eye level. So its perfect for me. The very top of the cage is like 5'8" with no stand. Closer to 7' with stand. So I don't use the stand lol.


Another angle.


Front view.



Exotic Nutrition has added new badging on the cages since last time when I bought the original set. The original set had no logo at all. But when I go on their website they are still saying "HQ" is the cage brand.



This is my nursery grow out stack. Its in my office. The bottom 2 cages are where I put mom and babies after I move them out of the nursery bins. They move over here at about 3-4 weeks old to give them a chance to learn how to use a cage and have more room to romp. Once they are 5 weeks old most of the babies go home this week. And the ones that do not go up into the top 2 cages separated by sex. Or I put my keepers in the big HQ cages at that time.


Rattery Pictures

The HQ 4 level Mansion cage is my new preferred cage for my needs.

I use the nursery bins for babies and pregnant moms. The set up is new in the picture and I still had things coming in from chewy. And we are making wheels.

Side Views




My Rattery 2015 - Early 2017

I just moved. This pic was taken 9.18.2016 in my new rattery room. These are still my M cages and I love them. I have taken them off the stands which fell apart. And I added new wheels from the hardware store. And I like this much better because they are lower now and I can sit on the floor and play with my rats easier.

I reccomend doing this if you get this brand of cage. I just kept the bottom piece of the stand and wired the wheels onto that and zip tied that to the bottom of my cage. Took my like 20 minutes.

You can get the 2" wheels with the flat plate on the top from Harbor Freight for like $2.99 each or Lowes and Home Depot for $4.99 each I think.

I have deep litter boxes on the bottom now. They are black dish pans from the dollar store. I got tired of the rats flinging out bedding and litter onto my floor. So this makes the mess 90% better.

New Cages As Of 10.18.2014!

Introducing the M Cage 069 item # 10071! I was the 1st in the rat community to have the Critter Nations, and now I am the 1st to have the M Cage. Which is a much better cage than the CN. This one weighs less than a Martins 695, and is double the size. And it fits in the tub! It has tons of room for fun plush things and toys. And wont break your back! Plus there isnt a bunch of odd places to rust like the CN. Its sturdy and wont wobble like the CN, and it fits through doorways unlike the CN. It also has the non stick paint unlike the CN and Martins so its easy to clean.

In the pic the wheels, hammocks and litter boxes were out for a cleaning. But rats need those too!


Various Toy & Hammock Set Ups

I took this picture on 10.22.14. Everyone has their hammocks, wheels and litter boxes here.

Also you can see the nice heavy casters these cages have in this picture. The girls cage has 20 rats in it and the males has 27. And still the cages are not too full! They look great!

I cleaned the cages this weekend and it was so easy! The cages are so light! Fed X says the cage is 30 lbs including the huge box it came in. So no wonder cleaning was a breeze!

My Old Rattery Set Up 2012-2014

I had these cages years ago and then tried other brands, but Martins was the best so I went back to the brand. I believe these are the sturdiest, easiest to clean and last the longest.

I love the Martins CagesIf you choose Martins I reccomend the "rat lodge" or larger for a pair of rats. If you do 3 rats go one size bigger.

If you do the largest model of Cage like the Ruud like I have here you might break your back lol! But the smaller cages are perfect.

My nursery's where I raise the babies are on the top.

Do not get the pet co rat manor! Its too small for a pair of rats! If you are going to use that cage I will deny adoption on the spot!!! And I have this posted on 3 pages of my site to be sure its seen. Any cage from the super stores like pet co and pets mart are disposable. And not good in real life applications. The rat manor it teeny tiny and not suited for rats over 4 weeks old.

Pet Co and Pets Mart cages are either too small and made for hamsters even though is says for rats, or they are made from flimsy plastic, and the bottoms won't last but weeks and the same goes for the cheapy plastic levels too. There are not any places in state you can get a good rat cage. You are going to have to order online.