Colorado Rat Breeder | Camarattery

Website Updated July.14.2024

We do have babies available!


  • Update to payment options as of 1-5-2022. 
  • I only accept cash. No other form of payment accepted. Cash to be paid at the time you pick up babies.
  • Please bring the exact amount. I do not have change. I do not keep cash in my home.
  • No other forms of payment accepted.
  • After adoption approval,  I ask you to read the payment policy, once you do that please email me and let me know what supplies/packages you want. Including wheel color if applicable. I need to know this information to have the items made for you and ready when you pick up your babies. Some items are hand made to order.


Babies need to picked up the week the are ready. As mentioned at the top of the nursery page.

  • Read my Adoption process page.
  • No refunds under any circumstances.
  • If you do not show up to your appointment to pick up babies that will be considered abandonment and I will not adopt to you in the future. No exceptions! I do not take kindly to being stood up at my front door after I have held babies for you, and hand made supplies for especially for you. If you stand me up you will not get a second chance period.
  • Babies must go home the week they are ready as posted at the top of my nursery page. No exceptions. You need to contact me to set up an appointment. If not picked up on time I will adopt the babies out to someone else.
  • I do not hold babies for you so that you can go on vacation or go out of town and pick up your babies when you get back. All babies need to be picked up the week they are ready. That is boarding, which is very expensive and I do not offer that.
  • Camarattery reserves the right to deny adoption to anyone at any time if they give me a negative experience.