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Website Updated June.10.2024

We do have babies available!
FYI...Please be aware that breeding season stops in July & August in the USA. Rats loose fertility in hot weather, so babies are scarce during that time. If you are going to adopt, now is the time. Breeding season doesn't really pick up again until the fall when the weather is cooler.

These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page.


(Theme The Beatles)

Cama Please Mr. Postman
Himalayan Self Burmese Dumbo
Carries Chocolate & Dwarf

Chocolate Point Black Eyed Siamese

(Theme The Beatles)



Ivory- Black Eyed Albino

(Theme The Beatles)
These came out of my Burmese breeding's. Ivory is a Black Eyed Albino. The Black Eye is from the UK BE gene.

Cama Good Day Sunshine
Ivory (Black Eyed Albino) Cama Rex Dumbo
Either is or carries Chocolate


Albino- All Chocolate

(Theme changed to dessert foods as of 8/2022 )
These are all Chocolate based.

Cama Moon Pie
Chocolate Based Albino Self Dumbo
Cama Smores
Albino Self Rex Dumbo
Either is Chocolate or carries it
Cama Macadamia Nut Cookie
Albino Self Rex Dumbo
Either is Chocolate or carries it

Albino - All Black

( Theme Shades of white)
These are all Black based.

Cama Star
Albino Self Dumbo


Ruby Eyed Burmese or Tonkinese

(Theme Brown Color names)
Ruby Eyed Burmese/Tonkinese originated from my rattery shortly after I got my UK Burmese Imports from Connie Perez in 2006. This particular line is likely all Chocolate base. Not Black.

Cama Hickory
Wheaton Tonkinese Self Dumbo
Has new or unknown hair type


Golden Black Eyed Siamese Line

(Theme "golden" color names)

Cama Mustard
Agouti Self  Dumbo
Carries Golden Siamese & Angora
Cama Dejon
Agouti Self Rex Dumbo
Carries Golden Siamese & Angora



(Theme Prince)