Colorado Rat Breeder - Camarattery

Website Updated September.21.2022

We do have babies! It's finally breeding season again. The weather is cooling and females are more fertile now.
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Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping.

These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page. Pedigree info.


I have out crossed these finally as of 2 years ago.(Theme The Beatles)
I have out crossed these finally as of 2 years ago.

Cama Sgt Pepper
Black Self Rex Dumbo
Carries Dwarf & Burmese

Black Eyed Siamese - All Chocolate

(Theme The Beatles)
This line does not carry any other colors. But they do carry Dwarf.

Cama Rocky Raccoon II
Chocolate Point Black Eyed Siamese Berkshire Dumbo
Homozygous for Black Eye. Carries Dwarf.
Cama Day Tripper
Chocolate Point Berkshire Siamese Dumbo


Golden Black Eyed Siamese Line

(Theme "golden" color names)

I have a male in the Harley line who is a golden siamese carrier for this line as well. 

Tonkinese Line

(Theme Brown Color names)
Tonkinese originated from my rattery shortly after I got my UK Burmese Imports from Connie Perez in 2006.

  RuBY Pecan
Pink Eyed Himalayan Tonkinese Sable Self UK Rex Dumbo
Cama Cedar
Himalayan Tonkinese Self D/C
Possible Chocolate. Carries Chocolate at least.
Cama Root Beer
Himalayan Tonkinese Self Dumbo
Carries Chocolate

Albino and Ivory - All Chocolate

(Theme changed to dessert foods as of 8/2022 )
These are all Chocolate based.

Cama Macaron
Chocolate based Albino Self

Hooded - Martens

(Theme changed to shades of Black starting 8/2022)
I have made a line of Hooded Martens.



(Theme Prince)
This line was shipped to me from Exotic Whiskers Rattery in Canada. Sometimes they do throw American Blue.

RuBY My Name Is Prince
Black Marten UK Rex Dumbo
Cama Purple Rain
Black Black Eyed Marten Irish Dumbo