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Website Updated August.12.2022

We do have babies! its the very end of breeding season. No more babies until the season starts again when the weather cools.
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Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping.


  • Start adoption process here.
  • Go home date is 5 weeks old on most rats. Exception is 7 weeks old on Dwarf, Harley & Overo. And 8 weeks old for Patchwork.
  •  Please contact me to set up a pick up appointment for your babies. Hours are at the bottom of the website.
  •  We do not adopt out singles under any circumstance!!! Do not ask.
  •  Yes you can mix babies from different litters.
  •  To research the personalities of our different lines read that info here.
  • Because people do this every year to my rats, and to a fatal end... you must bring a blanket or cover to put over the rats carrier while on your way out to the car in the cold weather. Carrying them to your car while you have a coat on, and not covering them seems like a common sense thing to me. But not to everyone.  Cover them in the fall and winter or I will refuse to let them go home. Period!
  • Do not bring small dog or cat kennels. They do not have 1/2" bar spacing rats need. Baby rats will walk right out of those. I will not send rats home if you bring one.

I have Cages For Sale Right Now

Link to cages for sale.

1 pair of boys left!
Males make the best pets because they are much more cuddly

Breeding season is over! Enjoy my last litters (below) until next season!


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