Colorado Rat Breeder - Camarattery

Website Updated November.25.2023

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These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page.


Theme ( AC/DC songs)

Cama Black Ice
Black Berkshire Dumbo
Carries Hooded & Dwarf
Cama Cyberspace
Black Berkshire Cama Rex Dumbo
Carries Hooded & Dwarf
Cama The Jack
Agouti Hooded Dumbo
Carries Dwarf


Recessive Blazed

(Theme is Beck songs)

RuBY Hyperspace Cama
Black Recessive Blazed Whiteside Dumbo
Cama Saw Lightning
Dark Agouti Fawn Irish Whiteside Recessive Blazed Dumbo
Cama Where It's At
Black Irish Dumbo
Carries Recessive Blaze



(Theme Food)

Cama Cheese Enchilada
Black Irish Whiteside Dumbo
Both parents carry Harley & Angora
Cama Chili Dog
Harlan Dark Agouti Self Whiteside Dumbo
Both parents carry Harley & Angora

Capped, Masked & Dalmatian - New Line as of 4/2023

(Theme: Earth & sky)


Cama Plains
Mink Based + another color Capped
Cama Canyon
Mink Based  + another color Blaze Capped Dumbo
Cama River
Beige Cap Blaze
Parents Carry Dumbo
Cama Black Sand
Black Irish Dumbo
Parents carry Capped. Carries Beige.


Overo Line

(Theme Alabama Shakes)