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These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page.

American Blue

(Theme Blink-182)

My Blues are my oldest line. My Blues are from my logo rat Mary Jane. Which was my 1st line. And my favorite line.

Cama Darkside
American Blue Self Dumbo
Carries Marten & Russian Blue
Cama Blink
American Blue Self Dumbo
Carries Marten & Russian Blue
Cama First Date
American Blue Self Dumbo
Carries Marten & Russian Blue
Cama Stay Together For The Kids
American Blue Self Dumbo
Carries Marten & Russian Blue


Russian Blue

(Theme is David Bowie)

This line is a very old line of mine. They have perfectly lovely temperaments and excellent longevity. They do not carry any other colors and are a true representation of the Russian Blue Color. They have very large bodies, short muzzles and beefy bone structure.

Cama Life on Mars
Russian Blue Self Dumbo

24k Gold Line (Harlan Dark Agouti Fawns)

(Theme Orange Names)

These are from the Harlan Dark Agouti line. You cannot get these but with myself and or 1 other breeder I have sent the gene too. No one else is breeding from the Harlan DA rats. This is a very special color. Much more brilliantly colored than regular Fawn.

Cama Peach
Harlan Dark Agouti Fawn Self Dumbo



(Theme Donovan)

This line was shipped to me from Exotic Whiskers Rattery in Canada.

Cama ?
Black Self Silvermane UK Rex Dumbo


(Theme Bee Gee's)

Imported from Pixie's Pocket Pets in Canada on 10.2.2016. They are constantly being out crossed with my Black line. This line has Mink it it as well. Which gives me Cocoa babies!

Cama Beatle
Black Eyed Himalayan Self Dumbo
Carries Chocolate
Cama Melody Fair
Chocolate Self UK Rex Dumbo
Cama Massachusetts
Chocolate Self UK Rex Dumbo


Black & Harlan Dark Agouti Self Out Cross

(Theme Will Be Names From Quintin Tarantino Films)

(This line will be bred for black carrying nothing. This line will bring in new blood for the other lines. My black line consists of all of my best genetics.)