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Welcome To Camarattery

Welcome to Camarattery. I am a small professional hobby rat breeder, not a business. I am located in SW Denver Colorado near Alameda and I-25.

I started breeding rats in 1998 and made a website in 2004. I breed because I have a passion for improving the rat species as a whole. But also because rats are super cute and fuzzy! Which is my weakness. I love how rats can do tricks like a dog, and yet are clean and litter box train like a cat! They are best of both worlds!  I run this rattery based on kindness, honesty, cleanliness and professionalism. I pride myself on breeding healthy sweet animals, with the most accurate and detailed records you can find.  Currently I am the only quality, pedigreed rat breeder in Colorado.

Usually I have around 15-20 boys and the same for the girls. Because of that I do not mass produce so that you can have a baby as fast as possible. My rats are a part of my family. And I take things slow,  I put many many hours, months even planning each pairing. If you want babies bred for health, longevity and temperament you will be patiently waiting for it. Also I am not a pet shop that sells to everyone that asks. I am very strict about who adopts my babies and I need to have a good feeling about them, so you will be going through a strict adoption process. This is the typical adoption process for quality animals of any breed.

Why adopt from me? Humbly, I am the oldest rattery in the state. I have been breeding for a very, very long time. Longer than most in the USA even. Most of my lines have been bred by me for 20+ generations and had that much pedigree on them before I got them. So I can verify the health and longevity of every rat in every pedigree. They have some of the longest verifiable pedigrees in the US. I believe in breeding rats with health in mind and any rat in my breeding program that doesn't meet my high standards will be removed from my breeding program along with any of it's affected offspring. My rats are very long lived, typically 3 years and many times I get 4 year olds. They are also well known for having super sweet temperaments.  Since my rats are not your typical pet shop animal, rather pedigreed quality stock I do rigorously screen all of my adopters as strictly as you would expect form a high quality, high end breeder. The same as you would expect a high quality breeder of show dogs, cats, horses or any other well bred pet. So do not expect for me to adopt to just anyone. Adopters need to show me that they are intelligent and ready for a pet before I give adoption approval. And I do deny adoption to some people. If you are expecting the best, you will be patient through the adoption process. This is how things work, as I am not a pet shop and cannot be expected to operate like one.  Furthermore, I am a very patient, understanding person however; in order to make the adoption process go smoothly I need for you to read my "planned breeding's" page, the "nursery" page & the "adoption process" pages thoroughly. All of the questions you have are answered there in great detail. I do appreciate a bit of research. Please and thank you!

I have founded the Colorado Rat List and the Association of Colorado Rat Enthusiasts to further help you. Check with the members of the Colorado Rat List as they are my references also the people on my Facebook business page and my interactive forum on Facebook (for adopters to talk about their rats). That should cover your referral needs. Almost all of them actually have or had my rats and can give you 1st hand experience.

Thank you! 
Read more about me here.
Read more about my lines here.


My Rats Are in France!

On December 9, 2013 I sent 5 rats to Alexia and Lorien in Paris France. 2 of those were the very first dwarf in the country! So that is something to be very proud of. I hope for a long life and prosperity on all of them! But they are all as healthy as you can get. And very long lived lines. I sent them the best.

Here are pictures the French breeders sent me from France (these are the dwarfies I sent):

First is Tour Eiffel, Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge, Pyramide du Louvre, Arc de Triomphe.

Visit My Rats At the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery!

My Veterinarian

I go to the the VCA Alameda East Veterinary hospital. The doctor I see is Dr. Fitzgerald. You might remember him from his show on the Animal Planet. I have found him to be a very compassionate doctor and very knowledgeable about rats in my opinion, and these days real knowledge about rats is rare for vets. If you need a vet recommendation he will be mine. Please click on the link above for his credentials, and the location of his office.

Pic from the VCA website. And credited there.


I am a member of NARR

The North American Rat Registry

I use Breeders Assistant Software 

Breeders Assistant Software. For keeping track of pedigrees and health information.

I breed beautiful long lived rats

In Dwarf and Standard sizes.


I Support & Recommend AFRMA

American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

Rat Breeder Directory

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