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    Pedigreed Rats Bred for Health, Longevity & Wonderful Personalities Since 2004!


My name is Amy, I am married to a wonderful husband of 23 years and we have a teen aged son. My family loves animals, out doors and spending time together.

I am a very straight forward, clear concise person. So I say things exactly the way they are. I am very to the point about everything. You will pick up on that throughout my website.

In 1998 I began breeding fancy rats. But I didn't get a computer and name my rattery until October of 2004. Which is when Camarattery was created, I started collecting my current lines at that time. I have also been breeding pet birds since 1983.

Not only do I love animals and breeding them, but I love building a community of like minded people. The people are just as much fun. I've built some very strong friendships with my adopters and those relationships have lasted for years. My adopters mean a lot to me and I couldn't do this without them. Most of my adopters are on the Colorado Rat Community Forum. And you can contact them and talk to them for references for me. This is a great group of people and I encourage you to join in on the conversations the group has to offer. Most breeders cannot offer a community full of hundreds of references like I can. And that makes for a strong trusting relationship with my adopters because there are actual people to back what I say. And anyone can check with my references. Also please see my Testimonials page for comments from happy adopters.

I am a Trained AFRMA Show Judge

I was trained by Karen Robins as a show judge.

Email Hours

I am not open Fridays or weekends. So if you email me then I may not respond until Monday during my business hours. Please do not think I am ignoring you!

Why Adopt From Me?

Most people come to me because I am one of the oldest breeders in the country. And my lines are some of  the most established lines in the US. So that eliminates the need to worry about such issues like bad temperaments, skittish animals or tumors because they were bred out 30 generations ago. People have the satisfaction of knowing every baby they get from me has been bred for health, temperament and longevity and every rat in every pedigree can be verified through the North American Rat Registry.
I do not have pet shop stock that is hit and miss with those qualities.

What I Breed For


Camarattery rats are known around the world for their great health. And almost tumor free reputation


Camarattery rats are known to live an average of 4 years.


My rats have the sweetest temperaments! They love people & have fun playing with you.