Camarattery - Colorado Rat Breeder

Website Updated 10.19.2020

These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page.


(Theme The 1975)

RuBY Rattery imported this line from Canada from Georgian Bay Rattery.

RuBY A Change Of Heart
Black Silvermane Variegated w/ Wedge Blaze Harley Dumbo
Fawn Line
RuBY Couldn't Be More In Love
Black Variegated w/ Wedge Blaze Dumbo
Carries Harley, Fawn line
RuBY Love It If We Made It
Black Variegated w/ Blaze Dumbo
Both parents carried Harley, Fawn line
Cama Nana
Black Variegated w/ Blaze Dumbo
Carries Harley & Russian Blue
Cama Give Yourself A Try
Black Berkshire w/ Head Spot Velveteen Dumbo
Carries Harley & Russian Blue



(Theme Pixies)

A new mutation discovered and first mutated by Pixie's Pocket Pets In Canada. I am the 1st to get a rat with this mutation from her. And I am very excited to be working with it and with Pixie's on developing this new gene. Imported to the U.S on 10.2.2016. I ended the line from Pixie's on 3.20.2018 because their poor health. And I am now only breeding the line from Georgian Bay Rattery who also had Angora pop in her line after it was shipped the the USA and bred by Emerald City Rattery, and that baby (Phoenix) was sent to me.

RuBY Give Yourself A Try
Black Self Angora Dumbo
Carries Whiteside