Camarattery - Colorado Rat Breeder

Website Updated 9.21.2020


  •  Start adoption process here.
  •  Go home date is 5 weeks old on most rats. Exception is 6 weeks old on Dwarf, Harley & Overo.
  •  Please contact me to set up a pick up appointment for your babies. Hours are at the bottom of the website.
  •  We do not adopt out singles under any circumstance!!! Do not ask.
  •  Yes you can mix babies from different litters.
  •  To research the personalities of our different lines read that info here.

Current Litters

Cama BEP Empire X Cama Darkside
DOB 8.7.2020
All Reserved

Cama BEP Empire X Blink
DOB 8.7.20
Available for Reservation

Cama A Soldier's Dream X Cama A New Hope
DOB 8.12.2020
Available for Reservation

RuBY Hey X RuBY Couldn't Be More In Love
DOB 8.8.2020
Available for Reservation

RuBY Pepper X RuBY Snow
DOB 8.17.2020
Coming up next. Not available for reservation.
Very tiny litter.