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Baby Rat Nursery

American Blue Rat Babies

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1) Please read the adoption process page to get started.
2) My rittens wean at 4 weeks old and go home at 5 weeks old in most cases, 6 weeks if dwarf, unless otherwise specified. I ask that you contact me for an appointment to pick up your baby, based on its go home date on each litter page. They must go home the week they are ready! I do not hold them for later. 
3) Individual pix are done around 4 weeks old. That is when they are sexed and posted as available.
4) Available babies are clearly marked as "available". So it's super easy for you to see what's adoptable today.
5) You can put babies from different litters together. Rats don't know the difference. They are all being raised together anyway.
6) Rats are required to be adopted in same sex pairs or more. Not singles! I will not separate my even pairs for you. No exceptions.
7) Pick up times are listed at bottom of this site on every page. I do have hours of operation. You need to contact me to set up pick up times for your babies.
8) Please note that most people prefer males because they are more calm and cuddly. Those adopt out first. So act fast if you see boys.

Boys are more popular because they are mellower and cuddlier.

Breeding Season

Rats do not breed in the Summer. For July and August they will not be breeding. But I have babies for now from the May and June breedings.

RRRA Modern Love X RRRA Golden Years

Love X Golden Years
Russian Blue and Russian Blue Dilutes. Very happy playful babies. 

Cama Alani X MGCK Creamsickle

Alani X Cream
Black, Dark Agouti, Berk, Irish, Head spots!
Very loveable babies!

Cama Potato Chip X Cama Hot Dog

Potato X Hot Dog
Black Whitesides and Down Under Bellies.What's New
Super sweet babies!

Cama Potato Chip X Cama Cheese Puff

Potato Chip X Cheese Puff
Whitesides. Super mellow temperaments in this line!

Cama Captain Koons X RuBY Cretin Hop

Koons X Cretin
Marked litter. Long lived mellow lines.

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The Colorado Department of Health Conference call was on 2.3.2017 at 2:30 pm. I had organized that with them to get info on the small Colorado Seoul Virus situation. They have told us that the ratteries that are not under investigation like myself can go ahead and adopt rats out again. And they will be posting the notes of that call on their facebook page as well. They did shut down the 2 ratteries who had the virus.

Here is more info from me on the situation. Link to that page.  I am posting this on multiple pages so all of my potential adopters can see it.