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Website Updated 11.26.2020

Pedigreed Baby Rat Prices - Not Sold as Singles. Ever.

Most of our rats are:
$60 each

Exceptions (difficult to breed for):
Hairless: $75 each.
Overo & Dominant Blazed: $75 ea.
Harley:  $75 each
Dwarf: $75 each
Angora: $90 each very rare
Patchwork/Rorschach: $110 Extremely difficult to breed.
Dwarf Hairless: $160 each


Prices are average in the USA for great quality. Based off of the cost to feed, care & raising, vetting, supplies, shipping, & time/effort.

Rat Guarantee

Guarantee is 7 days with a signed contract. And only valid if you purchase our food from us at the time you purchase the rats. 

Purchase Items: - No Shipping Available -

You can purchase these at the same time you purchase your rats.

Food - Currently limiting food to 4 lbs per person during covid

Main DietPurchase of food mandatory to get our guarantee.

Please note that one rat eats approximately 2 pounds of food per month. 

2 pounds: $8

4 pounds: $16

6 pounds: $24

8 pounds: $32

10 pounds: $39

I do not mix the healthy natural senior/low protein dog food into my grain for this price. You can do that at home. Babies need it for added protein until they are 3 months old. 

PDF Shopping list of my grain recipe for you to use.

Paper Bedding - $ 25 ea


Paper Bedding

My rats have been on this bedding for 30 generations. And my adopters love it too. Its made of either phone book or news paper with animal safe soy ink. May come from several companies not just the one listed here. Depends on who our  supplier is getting it from at the time. Its a very large bale. Size: 13 CU Ft loose. Compressed 2.2 CU feet.

Carrier - $25 ea


Will hold 2-4 babies or 2 adult rats. Great for taking rats home in. Most of my adopters do purchase this.



11" Wheels - $25 ea (If my supplier is out of a certain color I will let you know)

altCamarattery makes wheels! They are used here at my rattery and tested under high usage. My Wheels are almost silent. They are easy to install to the side of the cage with a bolt, 2 washers and a wing nut. They are made from farm grade animal safe plastic that even my rats are not chewing. They spin very easily on a hub. $25 each

Dark Blue
Light Blue - Out of stock
Dark Green
Light Green
Purple - Out of stock
Black - Out of stock

New color available. Pink!Easy to install with 2 washers and wingnut!


Payment Policy - Read Thoroughly

  • I only accept instant transfers through PayPal, not e checks which take up to a week to approve. I do not take checks, credit cards or cash.
  • No rats are held or promised until a payment is made. Be quick.
  • Rats are paid in full. We do not take down payments.
  • No refunds if you change your mind. Sales are final. 
  • Babies need to be picked up the week they are ready, which is posted at the top of the nursery. If they are not picked up that week, the rats will be resold and no refund will be given.
  • Have your PayPal account set up before applying. They can be slow at creating accounts. And rats will not be held for you.


  • !!! Important!!! Add which rats/supplies your paying for in the transaction on PayPal. There is a note section for that. Do not send the payment without that. I need it every time as I have several payments coming in at once. And I don't want to apply your payment to the wrong animals or supplies.
  • Do not wright "2 rats and food." That does not tell me which rats you are paying for, or how much food you were paying for. Write which rats and which supplies the payment is for.
  • Email me for the PayPal address as its not listed on this website.
  • Please ask me if I have supplies before adding to transaction. As items can be handmade.

PayPal Fee You Need To Add To Each Transaction

  • PayPal adds 3% to each transaction. You must add that to your cost.
  • Here is the link to the PayPal Calculator to get exact fees to add. Type in your order total, and it will tell you the fees to add. Add the amount that says "PayPal Fee" to your total amount.

Camarattery reserves the right to change pricing at any time based on average pricing in the USA.