Colorado Rat Breeder - Camarattery

Website Updated September.21.2022

We do have babies! It's finally breeding season again. The weather is cooling and females are more fertile now.
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Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping.

Planned Litters - Once Breeding Season Begins Again

Babies ready to go home 2 months after pregnancy begins.

  • If you want to adopt read the adoption process page.
  • I do not have a time frame on these breeding's.
  • They will not happen in the order listed.
  • I plan to do them though.
  • Dwarf rats are almost never available to the public because of how hard they are to breed for.

Chocolate & Marble

Father to Son X Run To Me
Chocolate, Black, Marble

Pearl, Merle & Mink

Linen X Silver Charm
Pearl, Merle, Mink, Agouti, Cinnamon


Future People X Always Alright
Overo, Dwarf

Future People X I Found You
Black, Overo

Future People X Be Mine
Black, Overo

Burmese + Dwarf

Sgt Pepper X Act Naturally
Dwarf Std, American Blue, Burmese, Cama Rex

Teddy Boy X Flying
Dwarf Std, Burmese, Siamese, Cama Rex

Chocolate Siamese

Rocky Raccoon X Savory Truffle
Siamese Chocolate

Day Tripper X Revolution II
Siamese Chocolate


RyBY Walnut X RuBY Brunette

Ruby Pecan 

Cedar X Saddle


Edward X Rachael
Patchwork, Black

American Blue

Cynical X Ocean
American Blue, Rex

Cynical X I Miss You
American Blue, Rex

100% Dwarf, Siamese & Burmese

Teddy Boy X Jessie's Dream
Siamese, Burmese, Rex Dwarf, standard